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Tattooed by Maxyne in Paris

I visited France lately and got tattooed by a friend's friend in Paris.  It is a cheerleader wearing my previous team's uniform. The art is originally by a comic artist Junko Mizuno
The tattoo shop itself was amazing !!

......AAAAANNNNDDD The tattooing happened downstairs in a dungeon-like space.
     Maxyne, Romain and Anne our host :)

Come back of being Wapanese


Food Pictures - Cause I want to be skinny

" I Haven't been in Facebook cause I'm not interested what other people are eating"

On hotel breakfast there was a beautiful lighted fountain next to the tables.... I miss Japan <3 br="">

From The ashes

For a while I thought this is stupid... but hell...
Other diaries are only for my cheerleading training so.... this is about my daily life

While I've havent writing:
 Been at the Finnish Cheerleading National qualifications and made it to Nationals.
  Cheerleading has kept me busy. A lot of free-time practicing and there was a tryout for
Angels (A-team of Golden Spirit) and I made it!! I'm very happy but it's very long time ago I was in a new team..... but I love the new upcoming challenges!
Gave a new home for a ferret
Her name is Bimbo, named by my private coach whom Bimbo belonged for the past 3 years. 
She is very active and funny!! ....and many ways very weird!

Been to France - In Paris and Nice and tattoooed

Having a hair crisis


Bao Sanniang Cosplay


Long time no update but there's been a lot of happenings lately - and happy ab that!!
I created a Bao Sanniang (From Dynasty Warriors 7) cosplay for this year's Assembly BatMud Cosplay competition.
It was created in less than 2 weeks and....
  It was my first time doing:
  - a wig
  - a sword of finfoam (which was a long helly road :DD)
  - covering my tattoos
  - using an illegal amount of hot glue.

When creating costumes I really love the creativity, problem solving and new fun it gives me!

 (c) Petri Helenius

I was wondering one day how much this hobby absorbs my income:
- A piece of finfoam 14,70€
- 3400 pieces of wooden and plastic pearls 66€
- textiles (recycled not counted) 43€
- paints 12€
- creative foams 5,40€
- satin ribbons, many meters 64€
- shoes 9,90 € (yay sale!)
- gloves 10€
- feathers (most not used....) 16€
- wig 24€
- sprays 9,90€
-lenses 24€
- lashes 6€
 - cover paint 5,60€
- hot glue and gun, knives 34€
  = 344,5 € ..... ABOUT and still loving it!

    @ The Head Railwaystation of Helsinki
    (c) Lennart Takanen

 I didn't enjoy Assembly this year and didn't feel that there was anything really interesting that should be experienced live. So I spent even 4 hours on my computer seat playing Diablo.... and went to Central photoshooting my cosplay.  - Yes, then I went home, for the whole weekend.
  It was rainy but I think that kind of weather is legendary and epic for this cosplay

     (c) Lennart Takanen
    National Theater  
  (c) Lennart Takanen
Shopping for Marimekko    
(c) Lennart Takanen
     (c) Lennart Takanen
     (c) Lennart Takanen

     (c) Lennart Takanen

Some pics at Assembly
  Atleast we had an outdoor picnic!! @ Assembly




It's been a while as I've been occupied by multiply wonderful things such as:

- Reality TV The new Artist
- Making of my cosplay costume
- Diablo 3 !!! - Lvl 16 Monk \:D/
 - Private Cheerleading Tumbling lessons !!!
-  Birthday vacation!!
 And this will be a wonderful photo/video spam about these!!

 We decided with Onii that will spend our birthdays, as they are so close to each others in Tokyo Disneyland and in Helsinki.
  I try to do a separate entry ab Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea as it is the most AWESOME Place I've ever been to!!!

Below 2 cakes from 2 different occasions :3 Chocolate cake is made by mom - she has been totally overhelmed about all going and cooking  vegan so she made me a strawberry-chocolate cake ^^
Oh, how I love and miss my family.
I spent a day with my parents and another with Onii @ Chez Dominique
  The cake below is a classic ichigo-keeki or kurisumasu-keeki ( strawberry/christmas-cake) in Japan.
During the stay in Tokyo Disneyland/TOkyo Disney Sea we stayed in a Japanese styled suite in Hilton Tokyo Bay - Oh how I miss Tokyo too...

 So here's a huge picture spam ab my birthdays in Tokyo and in Helsinki :P 

Cheer Tumbling Lessons
  In beginning of Summer one of my cheer idols, Mika, came to our practice and offered us private tumbling, conditioning, stunting lessons !! This was awesome!! Of course I attended !! And I'm soooo...... HAPPY!!! I'm looking forward to learn a handspring, handspring-handspring, a handspring-back tuck - and anything more, because in these 2 last sessions with him he has shown me that I'm totally capable doing them!! 
  Now he is in Italy competing for European championship in partner stunting ....
And here's some of his skills ( and his partner, team mates) if you don't know him yet ;D
And a funnier one for their Nordic Championships

I really look up to these people, and they are really good image for how hard work really pays off!

Toni and Teemu are waiting for me at Midnight @ Central Clubs - but I probably rather be stuck w/ Ponies, reality TV-show The next great  Artist and my quests as I'm undergoing some issues to be in crowded places...... especially if it inclueds drunkartdssrmonkiiiiiessss....