To Know


The girl with the dragon tattoo

 The Best movie of the Year
 After Christmas we were bored and went spontaneously watch a movie with Onii.
  We watched this movie I didnt have any expectations, I knew it was a Swedish book trilogy.
It blew my mind!!
The title into was like a demo made by Fairlight (or any other demogroup wou find talented ;P)
Soundtracks are important and this had a sick one. It made me sink totally to the movie! 
Rooney Mara is a new actor to me - but she is amazing, talented, suited the role and so HOT!

The plot with its' themes are very close to my heart so I decided to give Larsson's work a chance and bought the trilogy.  Lately I have done nothing but munchin books! I was instantly a fan, even made Rooney as Lisbeth my calendar cover! She is strong, stubborn, angry in a lovely way not a talkative type - love it.
Usually I draw my calendar covers, they are colourful and filled with j-pop and anime themes, but this picture of Rooney just gives a habanero chill to things I need to keep in my mind - literally. Body and mind of Lisbet Salander ♡

Tomorrow I'll dress up nicely and watch the Swedish ones! 
Here's the US version trailer: 

Raw yummy-bars from Punnitse ja säästä - the cashew cookie was actually super GOOOD!!!

 Yesterday We went with Onii to celebrate their games good sales, to Maya :3

 This week has been super inspiring, movies, stretching with my team's other flyer, and these Game graphic and mecha design books!!

Ignore my DERP faces, but nowadays I feel my bow and arrow is quite easy to do, its not over-challenging or scary. My scorpio is not a straight leg yet but at least I can grab it with my left hand and manage to keep my balance to do something else with the right one :P 


Xmas day Vol.2

Spent a Xmas vol 2 day with Onii with eating more and watching some movies!
 Yes My Master Have Some Cake

 We watched New Tokyo Dekadence - The Slave, Cars 2 and alot of Jersey Shore
The New Tokyo Decadence was nice - I don't enjoy kinky movies with long and slow intros. This one was quick, clean and colorful! And unlike usually in Asian films I felt that in the end actually everybody was happy and won! This movie remained me a little bit of Hideki Anno's Love & Pop cause of the angles and it kind of left to the viewer something to resolve. But not as much as in Pop & Love.

This upcoming week I'll dedicate it to hating myself, going to gym everyday and sticking with a diet ill blog about later. >:B
Also my hair needs some fixing it should be dyed and cut, lighter and pink-ier. I look like a dog now.

Holiday Foods - Getting fat in purpose

 Christmas is about eating eating eating. This time I wasn't going to think about it too much 
I kinda had to say no thank you to some goodies as they contained animal products, but of course I'll take a picture of them they are after all so pretty! ^________^
 So kitchen equipments : kettleholder, foldable so stylish <3
 Ceramic knives, new thing to me but they seemed to be super sharp
My Roast beef looked and smelled like a can of cat food. It's Seitan roast beef. It's fun to buy and eat them especially if you dont want to make a scene of the fact that it looks like you have your plate stuffed only with veggies. But this weren't that interesting and enjoyable - it felt like cheating myself.
 Atleast in the end my plate looked delicious as the "roast beef" as accompanied with other delicious Christmas dishes.
 In the morning we baked some ...Joulutorttu (It's a tart with plum marmalade and powdered sugars) to my parent's church meeting.

Tampere Overnight

 I look like a swollen flying squirrel but that what I really was atm.
Over my cheerstuff I just wore my CelebrityBabe jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch lounge pants and UGGs. I was on my way to Tampere just for overnight to see my last glimps of Joona who heads towards the other side or planet and wont probably ever been seen again.
 I killed time with Natascha Kampusch's 3096 Days - It was a good one, tells  a lot of people wanting to own someone else, people who demand discipline and obedience.

When I ran to the train it was unbelievable I was actually doing it! I never like to anything to please anyone nor was I interesting to run after practice some where 2h away. 
  When I arrived i was very unsure will I recognize him. What do I remember. Dark. Lips.
Actually I didnt imagine his looks at all cause he might have continued going to the gym, not cutting his hair.
  "I'm outside" -" I'll be there"
He was so tall (how can i forget something as tall as him), well mannered and cute. I regretted coming - I'm so going to miss him.
  His apartment was cool, random, long boards, soul music, jamming, - and he is so good at making drinks!! One cherry beers in a local beer pub. Then some sleep - It will be a long afternoon tomorrow as we planned to do something.

   ............ Of course I also forgot how much he loved to sleep to take naps after and in between any little thing he did <3

He made me breakfast, yes the tomatoes are heart shaped, and some rasberry-chocolate-coffee, it was surprisingly GOOOOOD <3

 There was an hour left, gotta catch up the train, check out the Cybershop in Tampere - And still we got stuck for a coffee :D Typical us what we used to be when he still lived in the metropolitan area.
 I love his hands and kind of dominating eyes ... and so tallll - We will all miss you but go and have some nice time at the land of party, cute girls and beautiful views!


Delicious weekend

 If I didn't already tell you I got invited to a occasion of The National Defence University of Finland, "Sarkajuhla".
   My partner is a paratrooper, recently just met him ^____^ - he seems to be a very open, well mannered manly man.
  I have been browsing some inspiration for my gown for hours - first I was going to just rent it from somewhere but now I want to do it by myself in the fear the impatient-me wont find quickly the perfect one. I'll post some sketches later, also I want to get at least one size smaller before getting started!

  I haven't been stressing about Christmas nor about my weight - In the other hand my life has been tasting great light and I have gained some selfconfidence recently.
  The tryout to GS Angels probably played a huge role - Dropped in the second they as I didn't do by myself the handspring, yeah i did the roun-off handspring alone but not a basic handsping.
But it didn't kill me, it was okay. Yesterday was tryouts to my current team Genies: It's me versus -96 born 36kg flyers who do round off double handsprings... I'm not sure what to think about this.

Recently I've addicted to these two bastards : Chiloe, chili-chocolate cakes by Mayra bakery. They are delicious, addictive and vegan, sold in the Central  Stockmann.
Froosh smoothies my personally favorite bottles ( I could say flavors but it cotnains actually the fruits! YAY!) are Goji+acerola and Pineapple+Banana+ Coconut, my ultimate favorite, sold almost everywhere. I have a placebo thinking that Goji makes my day better, me happy and the Banana+Coconut is just pure good sex in my mouth.
They both have less than 90 kcal if I remember correctly.
If you are a lazy fruit eater, you want something sweet I guess this wont hurt you.

Also this week has been a salad week in half-accident. At lunch time I easily just walk to our neighbor cafe Johto to get a salad where you can choose your toppings. Outside work it is easy to do the same!
  Yesterday we were Christmas shopping with JBurger and he introduced me F8's real-food-side
The place is amazing, though families favor it too, along the salad bar there is also a grill, Asian food, basic Finnish food offered..
The first picture is with JB and the other one is from today - guess some one LOVES green peas
 and mushrooms :3 Some fruit salad with raspberry vinaigrette aside ^^

 I got a sms last Wednesday that I could pick up my Jumpin at Saturday. I got some work on the same day so we had a breakfast with Onii at F8. (yeah, I actually smuggled a chiloe-cake from downstairs bakery to upstairs as they don't sell anything vegan breakfasty at F8, hihi ) Ate some cake and enjoyed a cup of tea :3 I love the tea dishes ^^

 Kluuvi looks great, of course on Saturday morning it's very peaceful. I should explore it quite soon with time. Last time I didn't for example notice that there was a Volcom store!

 When entering the store - I noticed immediately the style of my jumpsuit and it was a XXS !! I had pre-ordered a XS but after trying the smaller size on it was just perfect!
  The suit is just perfect, it is soft, easy to wear, comfortable, cute, hilarious, eye-catching and practical!
  Unlike the Warp-look-alike Jumpin has a huge hood where your head can be easily zipped ( it is still a mystery why, what is the purpose, sleeping in school? ) Jumpin has a two-way zipper, again same question why, maybe if you want to wear it "rolled down" You zip the hoodie and wrap the sleeves around the waist but its opened from the downside..... yeah, I'll explain with a picture later. :DD
  It's the "Grey-black are IN, please don't wear colors brown an beige are okay" -season in Finland and super cold so sadly I still have to wear a jacket over this pink teletubby outfit. Otherwise it has turned heads a fair amount and people come to ask me where have I got one. I even wore it at work -cause it's so easyyyyyyyyyy!!! It's just this pink sausage and a cute pair of pigtails!

Some shopping : Books, tea, fake-meat and Christmas presents which will be blogged about later;D I meant to search an art book my Alex Pardee and Natascha Kampusch's 3096 days - I went out with these. Antonio Damasio and Oliver Sacks, The man who mistook his wife for a hat.
 I have suffered quite long for the lack of tea - so we bought a bunch with Onii :D
Green Jasmin tea and Choco Yogi tea are just perfect, I usually avoid pounched teas but it's okay with this one! Also after watching Lord of the rings ( Yeah, JBurger accepted the challenge to show me thee LOTR movies and me like them......) I hugely desired some sausages, dont know why maybe it's the orcs and hairy hobbits? Visited Ruohonjuuri for these sausages.. I think there's something wrong, or it is just me: "Little boy's wieners" yeah its cute but still what...  and something single-packed (why, weird) called Spacebar in flavor Red Hot Chili Pepper. Also some smoked seitan cold cuts, Onii thought could be tried on a sandwich. They distantly tasted like .. turkey and eggbutter.

 Tomorrow going to do some final Christmas shopping, and meet Marika's puppy, maybe also meeting one IRC buddy ^_________^ The day will be ended by the last part of the tryouts to Genies. Wish me luck!!

^ Ikea commercial which proved I think and breath only cheer, word "päällinen" means flyer/top-girl in Golden Spirit. So actually this says to me  " A white top-girl for free!" ... I thought for a looong second this was funny <3