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Hair Update !!

 Bye bye pink-blond porridge, here is ash brown! ヽ('∀`○)ノ
I got my hair done at HandJob Salon & Gallery  by Ninni

The place was astonishing! Literally everything is DIY the interior was mix of gold, lapland, antic ...
Even the cape was matching in metallic bronze! Ninni is a long time friend of my coworker, so I knew I can trust her!! First of all she is the most jolly hair dresser ever!! ♡ !!
I'm a person whose visits to hair salons can be counted by two hands - last couple of ones before Ninni were kind of traumatizing........................... (my ear tunnels getting off while the wash, girl sobbing, "crazy cut" coming out as a "crazy"(not) side swept bangs ...)
= I don't like going to salons and get my hair done, I rather suffer with my uggly hair poof
Ninni and Lola (is my other coworker's dog, which I took care of 2 summers ago ♡) welcomed me to the salon. And she offered me coffee and chocolate!! ♡ 1000 points for the service!
Ninni has been a hairdresser for over 12 years, I immediately noticed that she knows how to handle different types of hair (yeah, I have Asian hair its thick and there's a lot of it ) and the chemistry it needs! (=perrrrfect!)
She dyes my hair and cut it - and I felt that she concentrated to her work 110%
Usually hairdressers just live the customer at some point and go gossip are very unpleasant or leave me to awkward moments - not Ninni she keeps talking with you  if you feel so! Usually I don't socialize much, but how can I not if the company makes me laugh all the time and really made me enjoy the time in her treatment!♡
She also shared some tips for taking care of hair: Try to wash your hair only 1-2 times a week!
(I'll try this for future!)
Of course in the upper picture my hair is done up - I'll show pictures of it loose later ♡ 
It felt like Ninni read my mind with the up-do too!!! I have always wanted to do my hair like that way!! And it looked pretty easy!!

Eino Leinon katu 4, Töölö, Helsinki
Serves by appointments!
040 8232183

 ...Now to the airport!!


Between God and Hell of Sweating

 OH !!! - I WAS VOTED TO BE A CAPTAIN OF MY TEAM AGAIN, now for this season together with Essi and Marjut (Former captain with me)!  Welcome Essi to the group!
Happy though it's a lot of work but now I know how to prepare for it! ....

・:*:・゚'☆♪ Best energy drink you'll ever meet!♪☆・゚:*:・
 Scheckter's Organic energy, My E and Pure Bio - are amazing !!<3  I love especially Gingko!
Scheckter's and Pure Bio taste fruity and great, My E tastes like an ordinary energy drink with a smokey after taste >,____>, *disgusting* The praci is exactly the same as the ones sold in supermarkets, so love your body more and choose theese! They are also vegetarian friendly :3 That brown chocobar is made of quinoa, it's soooo yummy. All these are from Ruohonjuuri and you can order them even via their webstore.

This last week at work has been super hyper-active! And after Christmas busyness, it feels super silent. And you tend to do stupid stuff with your co-workers, like openly support a Presidential candidate by making a huuge golden glitteri number "2" to the store's window and feel super proud!

Weird socks week

 Jburger came by one morning at my work and gave me Christmas presents \:D/
As a cheerleader is not hard to think what you usually miss and need - socks, a lot, white, short ones!
it wasn't a suprise that he made thsi atter hi-tech too, he is a marathon runner after all.
I received 3 pairs of different kind of sport socks made for running. These are ones (they have all a left and right made.....weird, first time) I can barely feel them but I noticed the difference when wearing my cheer shoes. The other pair had "thicker" sports in some particular places, but didnt find out yet ...why.
Why dogs have socks? Shoes protect them from street salt and glass... but socks? :D Meant to be worn with shoes?

I love traveling but I will miss YOU
 No playing Zelda and the annoying music for a week, no Sunday brunch with Onii.
No cheerleading practices where you enjoy the happiness of well done work. The people.
 I hope I get enough sport at Thailand - I'm worried, cause my muscles kind of suffer of lack (HANGOVER they feel grumpy, cold, lazy and stiff) of exercise when not practicing in a couple of days.....................................................
 Btw - my coaches at Fat camp where right, todays training didn't felt THAT bad. It was sooooo hard, but I made the exercises with Laku, my teammate, we kept cheering each other so it felt better.
Today we had a condition-circle and lots of exercises pointed to make our sixpack to come out of the closet and our back muscles sing!

 Easy Shopping. Theres no such thing in countries where it's known to be cheap! 
My new t-shirt which I bought from another blogger Tiina (well if I could find her blog...)
I prepared a look book and a good amount of dough to make shopping easier..... Woman's logic ♡

My Family... I visited my mom's, dad's - well THEIR religions community's locality.
It has been for a couple of years they have been working for it, and now I finally saw the place as they had a day when you can free ask for visitors!
I feel very proud of my parents!! Though - religion is just not a thing for me as long as there is some major things that disturb me. After seeing a informational DVD and praying, there was some socialization - It was FUN! There was people curious about vegetarian diet, in a good way!
When you meet a new culture and try to fit yourself in for that one conversation, it opens your eyes to things you should accommodate to the culture where you live most of your life. 
♡The happiness, open curiosity, being polite and kind ♡

So I'm leaving tomorrow midnight. In the morning I'm at the hairdresser and I'll get my nails done.
Guess I should concider to do some packings now :D

Pai Laew Na Krab Finland! Sawasdee Krab Thailand!! Beaches, sun and shopping!
(I'll be back on 12th Feb)


Fat Camp 1 -Being more confident

Last Sunday Fat Camp/Fitness Sunday started, it's our cheer associations' own member only thing. It was super fun as one of the instructors was our own fitness coach :) It was a insane workout for hour!!
 Same time as I wanted to cry and puke ( it was too little time from my last meal... yeah I celebrated Chinese new year at the afternoon...) it was fun and it made me laugh all the time.
And the fact that it was so rough and sweaty made feel good afterwards, the whole evening, next day until today!! 3 days of feeling good of myself!! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I love the satisfied feelings when lie down and I feel flat and tight. Even my tiny boobies seems to say "HOORAAAY!!!!" at me :DDD

Back in the days it didn't make much sense when some one told that "Work pays off" - but now I've experienced it! Last weeks I've been stretching a lot, atleast 30 min a day. Even my "Gym workout" is mostly about stretching ( I'll post more detailed about it later)
So this is the resultvideo from 2 weeks ago - I think it has only got better.

 Last year - On the right I barely got a grip of my ankle, it was hard to stunt, it felt extreme and scary ( Heel stretch is a basic flyer position*cough*......) On the left a month later - maybe I have a grip of my foot but my knee isn't straight and I didn't last more than 3 seconds in that position 。・゚ ゚・(p>□<q)・゚ ゚・。
 On Monday we trained .... okay I can't translate it and I took this picture from my associations gallery (from the year 2006?) as it's hard to even explain.
(´。_。`)I'll call it "The thigh tower- heel-stretch" 
It went very well :3
Also we trained non-running tumbling, and as my Thursday goal I have been determined to try a round off- double handspring! (◎>U<◎)  (or at least try)
Our coaches are going to give prizes fro those first 3 who learn new tumbling skills first. So that's a good catch!

It was also told us that there will be a level-check for us, these next weeks -- oopsie.
On Thursday we will do a Cooper running test, I tested myself on a running mat ( okay I admit it's a whole new story but well running for 12 minutes feels bad anyway anywhere) it gave me aprox. 2300m and it's an avarage result for my age.
 ................... of course I don't want to be average, I want to be at least classifies as "good" ;P

It kind of draws me down that while I'm in Thailand I wont see my team........

BTW today I saw my co-worker drinking Organic energy drink - it tasted soooo good !!! Need to post about them, bought today 2 different cans from Ruohonjuuri! <3



!!  ☆GOT A NEW JACKET ☆ !!
My earlier WARM jacket was from 2003 :---------------DDD it was big, sacky and black - but so warm and a good excuse to looking like a hobo everyday. Search for a perfect jacket is tricky ( as I own numerous other jackets to different outfits "for when wearing a dress, one with formal, for not-so-cold days-when feeling-like Lisbeth Salander...)  

\w a couple of conditions :
1. It CAN'T be olive/beige/brown (daaah, everyone is wearing it) 
2. Furry looking
3. Fluffy and warm
4. Goes with any bottom
5. Goes with any haircolor (IMPORTAAAANT)
6. No matter in what price - it must be cruelty-free (human torture not counted)
When shopping I usually just walk across the halls and if nothing catches my eye, it can't be anything special and .... I don't waste my time to SEARCH anything.
  I was at One Way and this jacket screamed me - lucky me, it was -50% off (originally 260 €) and by Diesel (= surely animal friendly, I was correct : down free and faux fur collar) 
  I like the jacket sooooooo much!!!! 

Hard to guess what is my favorite colour? Below you can spot my zebra sport bra! 
Lately I have felt like not sweating enough during cheer practice so I went to the gym after work, before practice. Had a nice one today!! Lot's of tumbling - though I need to challenge myself more, to do a round off double-handspring (and/or some day a back tuck) 
We did back tuck basket tosses with our new flyers - they did so well, like they have always done them!!! I'm so proud of them!! LOVE! 
For the end we did Big A's and them with a twisting toss :3 Though they didnt go always 100% right I'm feeling confident and I like this currecnt team so much - it feels shiny and .... GREAT
Oh, hello I look like a pervert


Circus and buys

 Today we were at Circus Helsinki with my team. Mostly we do there tumbling and some groups can try tosses with a harness  which is like a Golden ticket for the flyers! I learned my back tuck toss that way! My practice-hair-do is usually something out of this Galaxy as my hair so short ( I wear like 3-4 tiny rubber bands at the back so it stays up... today I even kept my bangs :D Lately I haven't done anything really sweaty at my practice so before tomorrow practice I'll go to the gym cause Thailand wont give mercy if I'm still flubby
Last Sunday I bought this bunny knit from H&M (which I seldom visit, because it's so hot, hectic, full of large people, random, dusty and all-over disgusting) but needed desperately short socks for cheer. Of course I didnt find the socks but found THIS! ♡
   It's short and in a right way loose *happy happy*
BUT the day after I wore it without washing it first ( a big NO NO ) in the middle of the day nauseous - I don't have any allergies also not sporting any kind of sensitiveness towards any chemicals and blah blah.... The shirt smelled some mix of canola oil and paint! First I thought it was me, then I thought maybe some smelly person tried the knit... or something... But I really didn't feel well.
  I wrote about the knit to their customer service, just in the hope they will inspect the problem, not complaining but just saying.... "Check your chemicals, treating... it smells weird and makes me very ill, guess its not so okayish..." I didnt wait for a replay really awnsering my mail, only a auto-awnser or so.
THEN: They answered me, apologized and they had reserved me another knit in the store for me to jsut pick-up. Oh GOSH Good Service from a large company!!!  v(´▽`v)

Recently bought a new make-up bag :3 Of course it is a New York related!! And a glass case, which has cure poochies all over the plave \:D/ Also my friend bought me Garnier's BB cream - It actually works!! It smells quite strong... and feels very oily but i'll find out how to use it correctly.

 Did I already mention I LOVE EATING !?!!?!?!!? We found a crepe-tram! It was all eggy and milky - but it looked tasty and cute, bananas, strawberries, and white chocolate must be yummy!!!
  Lately I have tried not to put anything hanging on my waist - but I seem to fail all the time with that.
(...then I'll punish myself on the running mat, crying )
  Like this Sushirobot thingie is my Cathedral of DOOOOM!
"Sushi, I don't know if there's anything to me but I'll company you" (I'm not making my diet be any issues to my friends) And the result is that as I dont know how "real sushi" with anything from the sea tastes or should - I end up eating tons of kappamakis, inaris and avocado nigiris.... I'm very good in eating them!!! 
  Today for my lunch I was enjoying a strawberry-raspberry frostie (which I eat for breakfast and lunch) until my tummy wanted something hot. Our neighbor cafe serves soymince spaghetti !! It tasted mostly like pure spices, but it was hot and full of carbohydrates :3

On Sunday - We are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year


Why I dont have time

 Started a new deco-den project lately and bought a sootball from Totoro to be  cellphone plushie :3

Relax,calm and silence = boooooooring (but I would use a vacation, which I'm having in a week)
I have exactly 3 types of days
7.00 AM Try to wake-up
7.30 AM Out of bed -> Shower and all the girly crap
8.20 AM Walk to work
8.40AM-4PM Work ( a 30min luch break at some point)
4PM Study (Japanese language, drawing)
7PM-10PM CHEER PRACTICE ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
1030PM-1AM internetzzzzzzzz, compuuuuterrrrr, media, drawing, diy
0130AM zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day WITHOUT cheer practice - sucks
9AM waiky waiky
10AM-1130AM Gym
12/3PM work until 9PM
9PM- 1AM internetzzzzzzzz, compuuuuterrrrr, media, drawing, diy
0130 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Day WITHOUT WORK & PRACTICE ( rare and suck the most)
I don't know when I wake up
Usually this day is Sunday but I usually have practice on Sunday......
I demand to have a food-orgy-brunch
Shopping, more shopping
To enjoy some sport I want to play kinect or push someone like Onii with me to make a sweat by jobbing or something.
I dont like these days, they are useless and make me feel I dont have a point, direction or didnt get anything done .___.

No sure if I already posted this, but this is my Michigan t-shirt gym/practice set! \;D/    
......and as my team's first aid bag came to its' end I bought as a captain a new one and customized it :3

 I have been treated by Santa and Myself with some nice art books with have been very inspiring these couple past days !  The art of Nasty - literally naughty movie posters. Awful Resilient - Art by Alex Pardee - a photobook filled by his works.

 My awnser/solution "Getting a life" is to "Play and watch more"  -probably these boxes will help me with that one :3

This week - I'll book a new tattoo time \:D/ and.... mmh wait for next week when I have an appointment with a hair dresser!  

PS: I have been hating my face and my body -lately, so dramaaaatic I can't help it.


Freezy Sundays

 My co-workers just flew towards Thailand - Enjoy your times there guys and see you in 4 months! ♡ I spent my Sunday morning on a brunch @Lasipalatsi \w Onii !! The main mission of the day was to shop new clothes for him!
I think there's a growth of a need for visiting a hairdresses.... Well I'll "correct" my hair just before my trip to Thailand as my hair grows so quick (= no black roots in holiday pictures \:D/
 Today I felt like a marshmallow so I dressed up like one! I'm trying to hunt for a smaller Superdry backpack - but I tend to fail...
   Well no wonder, Helsinki seems to be super empty anyway - Look at this Armani Jeans section @Stockmann.... We asked for other sizes of the jeans the puppet is wearing: "Sorry, this is all what we have from AJ" Unbeliavable and hilarious at the same time.
As there is only ~14 days left to my trip I have tried to have an extra boost for my loosing weight project, which has also kind of FAILED ;____; cause I wanted so much sushiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!
(the ones which contain fish are Onii's) Tokyo 55 serves the best vegetarian bento! ♡ ( we always take sushi home, cause Tokyo 55 is invaded always with slimy babies and more-than-it's-okay-to-fit amount of strollers *rolling my eyes for the noise too*)
 I'm working on doing a new layout and pics below are related to it ^___________^
 This weeks is about responsability, getting my abs tight and getting even more flexible!!!


Dreams come true when you feel brave

 We have accomplished to watch over 10 hrs of the Millenium trilogy with Onii. The U.S version of The girl with the dragon tattoo and the whole Swedish versions of the trilogy. Noomi Rapace was a tiny feisty woman as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish ones. I LOVE STRONG WOMEN! They are both so hot ♡
 New Year's eve wasn't so crowdy so I took the chance to shot my outfit - Or being honest my legs, which have become more and more the shape I wish them to be. Also I like the way UGG boots make them look thinner.
As I use a jumpsuit to stay warm, it is possible to dress up for work like its summer \ (*≧∇≦)/
I just browsed my old pictures in Facebook and begun to miss my style a few years ago. It was more punk and perfected - now a days I just try my best to just cover myself with anything and try to be okay that i look like a drug addict.

 At New Year's eve there was no lack of parties nor of invitations. I have got from my mother the way of thinking until the last minute what to do in a great big festive night and with whom to spend it.... 
It is deadly hilarious!! Fighting games are probably my no.1 Game choice!! Of course I didnt want to be purely lame so we went with Onii watch some fireworks in Töölöönlahti. Past couple of year I've only looked the fireworks from a great distance now the whole bombing was made next to me - me likey :3

   Today I met with a Demoscene acquittance, ravel, who studies in Michigan university something related to IT works. He picked me up to go and see his friend's kittens! There was a whole bunch of 6 week old Bengal kittens!! I've never seen anything so cute and innocent! It surprised me how expensive cats can be O___O But you really knew this cat breed is so different! Its curious, is okay with handling and hugging....... 
   It was nice to see him for a long time and actually talk about the social puzzles I never talked about with anyone.
  He also game a t-shirt of the Michigan University cheerleaders - I think this was awesome!!! ♡
No one but a cheerleader who looks upwards to university cheerleaders can understand how happy I am!  ♡

For a one sad wheepy moment I felt lonely, lost and like feeling I'll fail the whole year 2012 too - Then there he was: "Hey how is your second name spelled. With a K right? You are vegan."
There you go. Tickets to Japan.
+ There's no cheerleading competitions
+ My sister doesn't graduate yet
+-I'll be back for work before the summer vacation season starts