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Show me your war face

Last Thursday Ihana Helsinki festival was spent at the "Shops' night" - shops were open until midnight and there was so much happening thru the day and entire weekend!
  @CyberShop we had:
   Nelly Tatti!! ( picture taken by Leena Ruusu, I so love her name!!) She is Cyber Shop's official photographer and now we have her working in our stores!!! I love her cause she's so jolly and we share a common music taste ♪゜(´∀`)ノノ♬♪
   . . . Mad Craft playin LIVE
    I think we should have more this kind of happenings at work!! I was on FIRE and enjoyed every minute of it!!! (Though I spent middle of my shift 2 hours at cheer practice )
    With us partying was also our cheer teams non-official mascot: ESSI- SHARK!!! Who has the most awesome diamond braises ever seen on a shark!! (☼Д☼) ... and a cheer bow!
 And as a bloody cherry on top Mechanical demon and his infernal nurse + Jesse!! 
They did some awesome sideshow/freakshow performance just there, middle of the store - woah it was amazing!!

   My weekend was mostly free, waking up to watch anime and Saturday we had a show case by Golden Spirit ( our cheer squad) - ate alot of goodies.
   Nebs came on Friday for an over weekend visit - again :3 
   On Saturday after the show we met a couple of friends of his who were walking the most cutest dogs I've seen for a while!!! Of course it was the time my phone was breathing it's last ones and my camera bat was dead....... 
   His friends seemed to be super nice and we stayed up with them until the morning light - and I found myself cold next morning - though I'm still not sure if this is allergies or cold, anyway it makes me feel like processing with 40%.

 On Sunday I spent again at practice and then we went jogging with Nebs to Kumpula - I wish to live there, houses there are cute like straight from cartoons. - I'm telling you this actually cause I've disliked running outside as long as I remember but this time it was fun as Nebs is athletic and nice to have aside.

This morning - I had to face it that my iPhone4 didn't survive its' last shock: Swimming in the toilet! 
( yeah, it was in my backpocket and before I even sat down 'plump' and there it was giving some bubbles in the water, before that there was a episode where dunno why but it was lying in the shower floor getting soaked wet but continued working. Also one time it was in my rubber raincoat, in a pocket, of course it was raining to the pocket, but it still kept working ) 
   I haven't given up with hope that it will still work some day but got a new iPhone4 today.
   We spent with Onii again some time  @Kippo -  started concidering giving my diet more attention by making it more vegan than before, Kippo offers a lot of non-dairy and animal free toppings to go with different flavored soy yoghurt! + it is organic!

There is 3 days until our BIG DAY and there is 5 days until my BIG DREAM COMING TRUE
  I have spent most of the day doing our cheer bows for the competition - though sometimes our coach give us the feeling we haven't made any satisfying routine -I can feel it coming!!
  We had a WAR THEME at practice and it was kind of .... dark, arkward but ENPOWERING at the same time!!
   I even created an playlist to play for warming up - it potraits perfectly my image of "being a soldier" thru music :DDDDDD
  Did a Call of Duty cheer bow and tried to find anything proper to wear as a costume but realized that I cant workout in combat boots and in a guard knit cap :----DDDD

I love being exhausted, working out until my hands shake, doing things again again until I feel wanting to collapse, getting better on every breath or even feel my mouth so dry and empty cause of excitement and having powers up constantly!!! - And still laugh with others and loving what we do together!!!

Lately only thing that hasn't worked on our team is facial expressions - so weird as it sounds, cheerleaders must show the power thru their faces and triple over do it!! :DDD
 So one of out team mates created this picture above ^.  It really made me cry and laugh at the same time !!!
Next some posts about the  Juliet cosplay ;D


My life in two parts

Cosplay flash
 Last week I ordered some materials for my Natsu cosplay and as soon as I pushed the 'order' button - It came to light that
"Oh God I don't have a whole month to Desucon but only 2 weeks, as I spend 2 weeks of it in Japan and the other 2 weeks is NOW!!!!!"

WHATTODO : Choose something "easy" and pre-ready! So instead of Natsu AND Juliet.
I'm going to do Juliet ( from Lollipop chainsaw) - without the chainsaw but with golden pon poms <3
and a skimpy Flareon (from Pokémon) !!! And I'm in full steam doing the costumes! I'm soooooo on fire!!!

I have some accesories ready for Juliet ( socks, cheer shoes, red laces, leg warmers . .. )
  Now what I really want to get ready for the costume is REAL Cheerleading jumps and tumbling ;D

The Game is ON.

Cheer flash

Yesterday we got some bad news for our whole team.
There's some bureaucracy issues and for now  four of us aren't allowed  to compete.
We have extras, they are as talented as the competing team, but some how this kind of news less than two weeks before the big day made the atmosphere cloudy.
  We did yesterday some changes and the new additions worked and learned hard, and this is why I love my team -WE ARE MAKING THIS WORK!!
At the same time as we are working on our war spirit we are supporting those four with all our hearts!!


Now going to practice!!!!


May Day - Today

Nebs came for May Day to Helsinki and well I don't remember much of Monday but Tuesday was certainly more my favorite. . .
  It was nice to see people from the same school ( whom I didn't know before going to a couple of parties and working with them - " I remember you from our school" and I don't usually remember them :D <3) You guys are sooo lovelyy <3

At somepoint I even met Leijo though he didn't remember seeing me :D I'm not wearing a shirt cause I was wearing my Moon walker swimsuit ( and before going to the ladies room I needed to take it first off and bla bla )
^ Gotta love those onepieces by the Finnish National Defence university :DDDDDD

On Tuesday there was some picknic going on and a great of goodies to nom ! ( He bought the sparkling named Pink not me!! :------DDDDD )  It was actually almoust summer but I was wearing my jump in cause it got windy at some point.
  Later on the same evening we went to Vapiano ( again! ) and watched Hungergames with Nebs.
  And like usually he had to leave 4am next morning ....

This morning I woke up, felt dusty and dry. I love living alone but waking up alone from my home some times isn't the place to be then I  cried over the phone to Onii. He tuck me to the sofa, he continued sleeping and I kept beating Soul Calibur V and Mortal Combat next to him. I felt so safe and alive again.
  I love my tummy when its a bit bumpy here and there :3
  As the sun was so kind to us and - well everything was so well I even bothered to up do my hair and put some make up. Guess that's a sign I'm a healthy young lady and making some efforts for my looks once in a while.

Actually, not being too full of myself - it makes me feel rescued and surviver- like to see me this amused in pictures!

 ^ Restaurant Loiste is located in top of Sokos Hotel in Central of Helsinki

  It was one of my day-offs I haven't planned to do anything - so after some hours of gaming (stabbing, kicking and beating with light bolts) he took me to Loiste for  lunch and afterwards to Cafe Esplanad for some carrot cake~! ♡
  I love it when I make people laugh - but oh boy when people make me smile and laugh *love*
  He got me even an art book called "Heroes & Heroines of Japanese games and animation" to boost my drawing fever!

  Yesterday, one elf told me he never believed in *us* when first seeing us together with Onii. Well maybe it wasn't never meant to be anything over the top like a 2-person relationship. But this - full filling friendship with him is something I need, or had needed lately a lot.
  He has a kind heart and a right mind.
  He is my life's E. Edward Grey - a hero.
  And not forgetting to mention he is making one of my biggest dreams true in 2 weeks.♡

You're the only one

AND NOW WE'LL CONTINUE GAMING . . . FU you faders and weirdos . . . ALL NIGHT LONG BITSIS

Lately A PILE of cheerleading

Couple of weeks ago we had whole weekend camp at Solvalla, (@middle of nowhere, <3 )
  After hours and hours of practicing we saw a lot of progress in our routine! ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
 There is a little bit more than a fourth night to the May Madness Competition - so we are putting our fire together!!!! TÄYSIMMIN!!!!!    We had a more "official" team potrait but I like this one the most!

   ^ Today we practiced in this gym hall!! Loved it, middle of Helsinki Central and in an old building

 OH CHEERLEADING YOU SO RANDOM!!!   Last weekend was the Cheer Worlds @ Disneyland Florida. Finland sent there 5 (?) teams, and the All-girl cheerleaders ( HAC Elite) brought some pride to finland in color of bronze!!!! YOU ROCK!! <3  Here's a clip, mostly of American cheerleaders - but hey it's still a cheer video ;D