To Know


Tattooed by Maxyne in Paris

I visited France lately and got tattooed by a friend's friend in Paris.  It is a cheerleader wearing my previous team's uniform. The art is originally by a comic artist Junko Mizuno
The tattoo shop itself was amazing !!

......AAAAANNNNDDD The tattooing happened downstairs in a dungeon-like space.
     Maxyne, Romain and Anne our host :)

Come back of being Wapanese


Food Pictures - Cause I want to be skinny

" I Haven't been in Facebook cause I'm not interested what other people are eating"

On hotel breakfast there was a beautiful lighted fountain next to the tables.... I miss Japan <3 br="">

From The ashes

For a while I thought this is stupid... but hell...
Other diaries are only for my cheerleading training so.... this is about my daily life

While I've havent writing:
 Been at the Finnish Cheerleading National qualifications and made it to Nationals.
  Cheerleading has kept me busy. A lot of free-time practicing and there was a tryout for
Angels (A-team of Golden Spirit) and I made it!! I'm very happy but it's very long time ago I was in a new team..... but I love the new upcoming challenges!
Gave a new home for a ferret
Her name is Bimbo, named by my private coach whom Bimbo belonged for the past 3 years. 
She is very active and funny!! ....and many ways very weird!

Been to France - In Paris and Nice and tattoooed

Having a hair crisis