To Know


May News


Had a very nice day with the girls and it's nice to be back in competitive cheerleading!
Nice to see other teams and that glittery atmosphere is something I longed for!
BUT we came 4th in the competition - which kinda annoys..
The mayor reason to point loss was dangerous droppings.. (which is 18 p. each judge, each drop..)
I'm super proud to see that we did our best atleast!

Now for the summer, as a flyer ( yeah I'm the one who is getting tossed around) I'm going to work out my flixibility and jumps.

Yeah ambitious plans to work my body to look great and firm!
To achive my goals I'm running the Girls 10km run at Helsinki in end of this month. Which includes training in the gym and outdoors.
And I was going to get a stunt strap (???) and ankle weights - got the idea from internetZZZZZ, hope they are for good.


I'm graduating this summer from High School - I did better than what first thought in baccalaureate! There's one confirmed Laudatur and two Eximias to be come.
One surprise was math: I'm poor in math and was expecting an i ( Fail) but points say I'm going to get an Cum laude approbatur or a Magna cum laude approbatur! English was sad (as you can see from this blog, but i'm practicing!)... and I'm going to re-do it next Fall.

Few weeks ago had an interview to Heltech, New Media. It went very well.
Next Tuesday will be the entrance exam for The University of Helsinki, cognitive science and psychology.

Also I'm not going to have a party at the 5th of June like usually it's done, instead I'm going to combine my b-day with the graduation party! The party place will be the (demo)sceneclub in Helsinki.
I was planning to invite the whole cheer team and some demoscene friends, do some cupcakes and buy lots if booze...
Then in other hand not sure of the idea having a big party..

Rubberclothing and Cosplay Summer
I'm into rubber clothing and start doing them as soon as my rubber sheeting and other equipment arrive in post! Most of people might think that it's only for fetish use - but theese work of mine will be used in daily basis. ( I'm a huuuge Lady Gaga fun...)
I start also making pattern for this summer cosplays! .. Which will be surprises until the date of debut! Hint: Games and commercials.

Social connections
I have been really respectful towards my parents and all they have done for me!
Also I have been seeing a piercer (? a guy who makes piercing ?), he is 31 y/o and smart.
First guy I didn't met via internets! I have been taking piercings from him since I was 16, and he used to be a day dream of mine - and now they are coming true!
But .... I'm a super busy girl and and... not potraiting myself as anyones "dream gf". Maybe it's my lack of self-esteem.

..Which reminds me: Some people got annoyed of the style I handle the topic "Sex" in IRC-channels. Guess I just enjoy poor jokes at times, but then people get a very creepy and perv image of me. Dispite the fact that I'm NOT having sex with any scener and WONT - I'm still creating myself a bad image of something similar with "whore" myself.
Flirting is called also being nice and some rumors are just ridiculous.
The thing is:
I want to be the girl in scene who is fun to be with, not the loose one.