To Know


Dying to be sexy and serious in a - costume

So I'm attengin Assembly 2011 which has a cosplay competition organized by Batmud. 
First, I've never done any cosplay competition, I like doing costumes and been in one show - so I dont really know what is in front of me next week.

This will be surely the most nasty costume I will ever do. But it looked fun, me and with fair amount of challenges and details.
I have been working on it everyday since last week and so has Ri, being busy doing my weapon.

I'll probably be so busy until the event that Ill let the character be a mystery until TEH day.
Until that my life is ... only about this costume.
I tried shopping btw. This days fashion is lame as a dressmaker  I dont think I should spend over 30 euros to piece of fabric that has a hole for my head and call it a shirt - like wtf maybe finnish people have gotten so fat but still, how can it be stylish to use anything so loose and without any shape...

Some Madcraft and alcohol on Saturday.
Tryouts on Sunday.

Assembly <3 Riiiiii... Which means Jari, but because of my yesterdays blackout,  I find it suitable to start calling him Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-tan kapiiiitaaan.

 ~ oh god hyper


Lately vol. 2

Lately I have
.. Seen Chromeo live
.. been in love
... babysitting a dog
.. having a Tuska festival day at work
.. feeling like i dont really have friends
.. doing my costume for a cosplay competition

 .. receiving a package from Germany which was holding these Buffalo 90's classics

 .. been on sea with Jari, Kristina and Benni - for really they are jolly persons dunno what this pictures is :DDD Jari maybe having a dramatic speech I understand zero about.
 ..Eating Jari's funny coloured sugar cinnamon rolls :3
.. waking up from weird places
.. I meant to bake mocca cupcakes but I ended up making a cake and quisadillas 

..Being tired at work

As I think japanese j-pop industry is trying to nuclear bomb  k-pops popularity with tastless, corny, sexy so-last-season-lolita music videos, this is my favorite from the country of the rising sun <3

I'm going to
... visit Assembly 2011 for real
... finish my cosplay costume
... continue hating my body and not doing anything else than complain about it.


Boner weeks

 Cause my blog didn't allow me to make a photo spam entry - I'll post about Defqon.1/Holland/Roadtrip later.

 Long gone..... This past weeks I have:
.... Sat over 14 hours all together in a van on the roads of Germany and Holland.
.... Travelled with the most awesome dudes ever Jani, Juha and Jari (Lol names <3)
.... Been on a boat over 56 hours.
.... Falling in love
.... Stressing of my looks and body
.... Danced, danced, daaaaaaaaanced and jammed
....Drinking and waking up in a boat
.... Decided to go to Tokyo with Jari in Christmas ( His B-day \:D/ )
.... Searching for an apartment

 On these following days and weeks I'm going to
... sweat as much as possible on work - to earn the money for the trip
... sweat my ass to look good
... dance to chromeo
... Take care of one friend's dog
... LOVE

   Thank you Ilona for introducing me to Turbonegro *grau*