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Shining Moments

Cheerleading is love.
Being an athlete makes me proud of who I am today. 

We got a bunch of promising new members to our squad in the begging of the week and we went to a day camp with an American coach, Tomek.

As a team member I'm the one who wants to train hard and is one of the most enthusiastic kinds, but things - even easy ones - don't work with me such as basket tosses or tuck tosses, I'm tiny but I dont fly high and tuck tosses go wrong though there's not much to fail....

Words of the day camp were: Timing, tight, control and clean.

Also I fixed my toss positions, and now basket tosses aren't a sucky thing anymore - they are FUN! <3 
We did some X-twist tosses and , oh god looove :3 If I must Must mention favorite thing among basket tosses they are either 180 toe touches or now... The X twist. And something about the new bases:  THEY HAVE POWER!
On our break some of us made bows and some of us swam. I really wished to have a weekend camp or so in that place! 
On our last training we had tumbling. Usually I think tumbling is lame cause I can't do much, so it's mostly warming up and doing round offs, and handsprings where I feel I dont do much cause I use spots.
   This time was different... Insane. 
We practiced corner passing with round-offs, with was fun and new, and we got it at once!! 
Also we corrected our round-offs, didn't know there so much to do....
Tomek asked how many of us does a handspring - only one hand was raised of 21.
But actually handsprings were like a super surprise no one could have guessed!!  - actually a camp gift for the team.

For example Nella, she is one of the sweetest and intelligent girls I ever known had an kind of a phobia with doing a handspring this whole winter..... and now she does it by herself, a very clean and powerful one.
Speaking of the powerful, also Marika is doing nice job by doing her handspring by her own!! An ME!!
..and Essi, Heli, Varpu, Wilma and the new girls I dont yet remember!!! So handfull of handsprings!!! YAY!
...which were made true jus tless than in a hour!

If you have practiced for year for something it must be between in your ears if you cant make it by your own.
I bet  every cheerleader dreams about being the one who does a tumbling-sequence which makes everybody scream! 
Nella inspired me a lot, she made it - and it so made me believe on myself and I didn't really want to fall behind either. And with Marika ... really I cant say whom of us was more enjoyd to have the courage now!!

... And it was still going on at todays practice.

Also one sfacet to thank is our coaches of course. Usually I feel the whole cheer club is like "you must master the basics first" yada yada. But now I have a feeling that our coaches pushes us to see  all the potential in us!
 I was doing my round-off and one of our coaches yelled something to me with a heavy tone- automatically I thought she told me to concentrate on my handspring but no. It was that " Do a round-off handspring now" - which I really love cause they are much fun to do than a round-off and a handspring separated.
They really encourage us to do more advanced things and are supportive when trying, cause every one is giving 100%

...I can't really wait for our next practice!!! 

At this up coming week I also have an tumbling camp and I'm sooooo looking forward to it!

I have huge dreams and now I feel I need to jump a little higher, and I go to believe on myself caus eI'm going to jump with my own feet!!!

I want to learn the double twist, tumbling sequences do higher and cleaner jumpsss!!!!

It's less than a week to Defqon and I don't look anything near what I wished but.... well actually there's no good reason for being kind of chubby... If I'll skip proper meals my mucles ache = makes me grumpy.
But I have bigger thighs than my bf -____________- 



Lutkakävely - SlutWalk

Morning when you tell someone you are not a slut.
Then you march for the stereotype of "looking like a slut"
Controversies <3

For years I have been thinking that women have a right to dress in any way they please.
It's my hot body and I do what I want

Sebastian Johansson is awesome check these lovely shots he took at the GROOM parlor party at Bar Bäkkäri!!!  All rights are his <3

                                                                   Niki heart Mini

Music Challenge Day 20 A song that I listen to when I'm happy


What love weights


Today I started my yawn-filled morning with vacuuming, dusting, fixing electric cords........... and cheerin, bursting to tears AND JUMPING ALL BY MYSELF MENTALLY LAUGHING AT THE SAME TIME   !!!!!!
I'm not blessed with random luck or happiness - but  they both surprise my ass on nice moments.
I have missed their conserts with just few days in New York, in London in aaaaany neighbor country.
Because of bad timing or because of financial matters. NOW cashed some money from my savings account and did it.... BOUGHT 2 TICKETS ( and I don't even know with whom to go with :-----DDDD )

And  as you can see (below) either I'm going to have a private party or I was in time with my tickets at last!!!!!

I even know what to wear!! ... or I just like to dress up like Patrick and Dave in some of their music videos...  Hot mess cop thing would be nice but needy girl is more awesome wit all-white.. 
Costume time !!<3

After work I spent some time with Wille and then went to clean more the Töölö apartment :) 


Music Challenge day 19 A song that I listen when when angry 
Had to put two..... favorites both of them make me want to have angry fast sex...

BTW YODELING IS AWESOME!!!!! ( sadly my bf prefers me singing psalms over me learning how to yodel  .____. )


Base, beat and melody

 Anything is possible, anything I want and need is necessary.
Our new store manager is nice.

I counted today: There's something which is so easily done if  I'll just squeesemyself more to achieve it!!
A) that I can save 6000 euros for Japan until Christmas
b) Another 3000 for a dog next spring
c)AAAANDDD another 6000 euros to get my self-esteem fixed.
For year I have tried to save money - but in the end I have spent and drank them.

I'm thinking how my happiness would be already in my face if I just  wouldn't have done this and that, bought those and these - but here's just a new challenge road!!!

^Kipi, Masuwaka, Girl Generation girls did it --- so I can do it tooo >:BBB

Music Challenge day 18 A song from my favorite album  - Chromeo Fancy footwork


You are not special at all

It makes me happy for a perfect moment when I get a smile for my smile 

Along the third wheel comes a forth pair of eyes - with something real to say to a situation which can't be saved by the summer, moving, growing, loosing weight or with a nose surgery.

I need my friends. I got love hungry. A dog would be perfect.

I'm folding paper cranes again.

Music Challenge day 17 A song I wish to hear more on radio


Suomenlinna and Cyberlove

Today Sini slept her morning with a gorgeous guy so I went fo amorning coffee and nutella crepes with Jouni. :3

Around at noon we met with some CyberCrew outside Kamppi shopping center - for the suprice for Sanna who is leaving her work for school in another city.
Cant forget her face when we went there to say : " Hi, it's a gorgeous day outside - lets go and have a pic nic in Suomenlinna" <3

Minkki had drawn a gorgeous card, our both bosses were there, their dogs, lots of food and loooooooove.

Music Challenge day 17 A song you here often on radio
When driving with Jari we listen to SuomiPop ^_______^



 This picture  from BMEzine really under-lined that this summer will be what I needed to. had to fix some work things and
Now I think this feels like a ... normal summer<3
                                                                                ~ ~

In my life there's no such thing as "serious business" -relationships, stress, or anything that could be overly dramatic.
Only things I find hard and frustrating are my legs and hair - cause I actually don't know how I want them to look like ending up not being self-confident... muscular or thin ... when wishing my legs to be thin they look lumpy when I want them to be muscular they look fat. When they look muscular they look fat, then they look thin they look very powerless....

 Same with my hair. Red is power, but some how so mainstream and ... bright (which is a thing I often want) Brown is cute but very booooring, black is out of the question cause thats... for real normal for me. Orange is too freaky.... Pink is so... last season with me.
......So I'll try black and orange since tomorrow... let's go with that, if it's too scary i'll just dye it darker or!

Also my body .. Lol I dont know is it the lack of cheerleading or what - I feel that I don't eat much anything but my weight wont get down x_____X Feels like i'm suffering for nothing.... But I'm very hopefull and I'll just wait >:BBBB for the sake of Defqon pants!!!

Today working for Cyber Shop, eating w/ Jari and then begging \:D/

Music Challenge day 15 A song that I loved but now hate
drama, whiny and sad .... yuck


Fit busy with your busy

 Yesterday was a very sloooooow and laaaazyyy daaaay - because of Wednesdays party.  Usually I'm the one first getting ready and cheerful - not suffering from a hangover. Oh god my hair was so tangled and my eyes sour cause of sleeping contacts in my head...................  "Are you ready in 15 minutes my parents are coming?"................................
I was ready in 1 hour - but call me your dream gf when first thing I mention  when coming out the door to meetiyour parents is : " Oh god stairs are bad, LOL my head feels like jelly "
We ate at Dennis some pasta and lemon-mascarpone pie - full tummy for the whole day \:D/
When we came back I took a few hours nap. Played one chapter of Valkyria Chronicles and went back for-real sleep :3 
I had a snap conversation with a friends about  how no one has really time to meet anymore.
I personally dont think this is so serious with me cause I think it more like to be among people not only that I couldn't get myself out of my appartment but into it.
 My days usually goes like this: I go to work at 9am it ends 6 pm and then running to cheer practice which starts at 7pm and ends 10 pm then I'm so tired I go to sleep. Or I spent some hours being social via IRC or FB. And it's enough.
I feel bad if have to schedule my friends to my calendar and it rarely works but I do this: I call my friends if they are available for a coffee. Cause I expect other my friends being busy too.

Today we are going to get the keys to our Töölö apartment, we are not moving yet as we can keep this Ullanlinna apartment until end of the month. We had planned to sleep there and so but let's see what happens :P Good sleep is so i mportant to me <3

And on Sunday I'll go have brunch with Sini ^__________^

Music Challenge day 14 A song that no one would believe me to love

To do before the world explodes

 " You, girl totally do not suffer but enjoy the lack of thinking "what the fuck am I doing, shouldn't do this"

The other day as I saw a Romanian beggar with a cellphone in front of my favorite department store - I got it!
I don't do much than finger my phone all-day long, how about if I'll try to earn aside of it!??

First, remember I'm practicing my English so..... don't judge the language...
Second and the real issue, I don't like the idea that poor foreigners come to Finland and suck our tiny country's tax moneys which could be used in so many other REALLY important like mental care, schools and agriculture etc. But Finland and it's decision-makers are such  miserable wimps who think they will get far by thinking " If we help everyone and do as foreigners want - everything will be better" NOT
Especially if they come in packs and steal our electricity from our backyards, don't want to do work and if majority of them commit crimes!!

...but you don't look Finnish.....
Yes,  that's why I'm angry because Caucasian Finns can easily compartmentalize me with people who come here to be a parasite! When my parents entered Finland - they DID REAL WORK, lived in a house and went to study the super complex language. When I went to school despite of my different religion background  I spent the Christmas and sang carols like all the other kids! My parents didn't come to the school demanding that  they have to quit teaching Finnish  culture because it's not okay in their books.
Nowadays many Finnish schools  have "Winter celebrations" because Christmas MIGHT BE offensive to some...

When in Rome, Do as Romans Do - Welcome to Finland if you think working for your bread is normal.

 So, why do beggars come to Finland,  to a land where you don't really need to beg, have free doctors and you can line up for free food.

I made a honest sign ( I expect all the Romanian beggars having a15 y/o pregnant girls at home, sad) wanted    vodka for tonight and I need money for a puppy. I have studied that beggars have their life story to drag more empathy.
Mine was telling that I work, I'm Finnish, I have graduated, I don't spend anyone's taxes and their coins don't support organized criminality. And I'm nice. ....Nothing sad really.

As I dislike the appearance of beggars, I decided to put make up and some effort to my hair.

Had to find a spot, I knew many bypassers is good, well the best places I imagined were taken either by someone with a real talent or products or by Romanian beggars. So I took place next to a crowded intersection in heart of Helsinki where people stop in traffic lights!

Instead of sitting, being sad and praying - did this my style. Standing, smiling, waving my hands and swinging my hips once in a while.

Most of the reactions are of course "WTF" "Must be a bridal shower" but the most pleasing thing was that this made people laugh and smile. People were taking pictures and stopped to talk with me - But zero Street Passes   (。_。) ~ 

I was a new competitor and it was very noticeable that Romanians walked by very often to check how I was doing, even from a car...( you must be so poor to drive a car in Finland, oh well stealing makes life cheap)

After 1 hour and 40 minutes I managed to get 27 euros and 50 cents!! O(≧∇≦)O  ... and bottles.
That's better than my hourly pay and no taxes!! I must do this more often...                       

 After working in Gamestop since 10 am, begging for almoust 2 hours we went with Jouni and Saija ( and her friends)  to Bar Bäkkäri where GROOM was helding a party with free drinks!!

Next to free drinks I love: men with stylish cuts, muscles, tattoos and ultimate handsomenesssss~
What a fantastic place to spot all those listed things! A party held by a barber chain with a rock twist! AWESOMESS!!

 Usually I'm not into heavier rock music - but Bar Bäkkäri ( which is btw  Bar Backstaged translated into finnish)  has selected all the best songs and it's always a good boogie at there!!!
Got wasted, met the most wonderful people and found a new favorite live band! Madcraft!!! 

They covered my ultimate favorite song Blink 182's All the small things and Nettiin by Jenni Vartiainen! <3

Got a vegetarian drumstick !! And that's Jenny's finger btw... naughty naughty!!

Mini-Saija, Jouni, and all the cute boys and girls I met - thank you!

Music Challenge day 13 a song that is a guilty pleasure 

AND ..... A video/band/song which I like after seeing it at Bäkkäri!

...must be my longest blog entry evaaaaahh!111111111111111111