To Know


That's what the t-shirt says

When working 6 days a week -  if there is anything unusual happening it is more than WELCOME!!!!
 All I have done along of course serving customers is sticking some flesh tunnels to their new trays <3 and dressing up mannequins in 1st of May ( Vappu ) atmosphere :P
^ Polar bear SUIT from CyberShop irder here
<  Moon Walker swimsuit by Black Milk
Middle of nowhere Nisse, who lives some where middle of Finland ran to the counter and asked me to have a break. First I couldn't believe my eyes, what, wait is this really happening.

I hardly ever see my old friends so this was a happy surprise!

A rainy Friday - Enjoyed again some fine Veggie tempura noodle soup at Aya with Onii.
  I bought a see thru raincoat from Gina Tricot, I look like a huge condom joke in it but I enjoy it, it is instant childish like my pair of rainboots too!! Check them out!! Hello Kitty, A Hello Kitty CHEERLEADER!!
  After eating I went to practice at Helsinki Circus - we practice there running tumbling and basket tosses, the time went really fast by throwing numerous of back handsprings ^_____^
  Some kind of bad news though, few practice before when we were practicing back tuck tosses one of our flyer was spotting me, saved my head but sacrificed her hand she will know tomorrow if it's broken or not - hope not!!  We carry bruises with pride!!! <3

 When circus time was over we went to watch Project X which was surprisingly worth of seeing !!! Took the picture actually in the metro, I was on my way to the central as I saw this :D
 Sunnier Saturday
    One of my Fat Camp trainer is working in a cafe selling frozen yoghurt - and at the same time I saw this place next to my friend's place :3 This must be trendy now!
    The thing is that you serve yourselves some frozen yoghurt vanilla, berry flavored or a mix and then add sweet, love and cuteness as much as you want!
    I loved the place, guess I'll become a regular as soon as the sun strikes harder and summer arrives.

 First I was planning to go to a Tracksuit party and also to a Schoolgirls and tentacles party but somehow missed them both, by getting drunk by myself and making some effort to my face....
  I picked up Mr. Cool City Nebraskaaaaaaaaa late night on Saturday (actually don't get it how he enjoys all the burden to travel all across different cities in so small time.  .  .  .  . ) .. and didn't do much than past out :DDDDDD ... And surprised him by the fact that I'm actually half German. ( Yeah yeah I look so ...... brown/weird/anything you weird out*)

 Usually on Sundays I'm out of bed at 9AM. It never happens when this mister visits me, I just sleep and sleep until I notice we need to hunt food. Guess, Spring and the Sun brought all other Helsinki citizens to occupy the cafes for brunch time - It was sooooooo hard to find anything decent and quiet enough. Lasipalatsi was full, Senaatin Hiili didn't have brunch at 1PM ( yeaaaaaah..... 1PM), Fazer was noisy and crowded.
  Cafe Esplanad was packed with people from the outside but we decided to take a look inside - it was quiet ( I mean you don't need to shout to each others to have a conversation ) 
I ate there way tooooooo much, but i got carried away by the cafe's similarity with my other favorite cafe, Tintin Tango. The salads were crazy, bigger than my head, ate carrot cake, also size of my two fists, and some cookie with white chocolate frosting. Whaaaaaa ~ and the cinnamon rolls they have there ........ BIIIIIIIIG
  I noticed that Nebs has very husky like eyes, they are so light, icy and stingy!!!
 Once again as I censored the picture I compensated it with a cute husky puppy ( it is Bryan's doggy) picture so you can imagine how cute he really is!! YOU ARE WELCOME!!

 After eating I went to my training and even after that I headed to Fat Camp.
   Usually I hate running practices - I HATE RUNNING OUTSIDE - but this Sunday was different I enjoyed running in a pack and getting exhausted with others ^ ____ ^ I'm even concidering running Helsinki Midnight Run in September!
  Picked up mister from my home and went to grab some food at Vapiano, oh I love the fact it is open until late night!!! <3


 After work I ran to do some cheer bows and wondering how to customize this gigantic AWESOME SHARK for my team !!!
   I think this was a good practice in a long while!
I start liking my body already though still there's something extra hanging - but I'm on my way!! >:BBB

I LOVE FLYING Especially in back tuck mode


What I used to do

.. When I was young.
Take pictures of myself, listen to good music and to sit by the window.
A good morning. Working - a boring day among lashes. Gym - a crazy running training. Shopping - a dress, necklace, 3 pairs of stockings, a wallet. 1,5 kg down.

 I bought there Bullboxer heels yesterday - The cry fro lace socks and a frilly dress.
 Last week I received my Black milk order, there was a hilarious letter with this Moon Walker swimsuit :3 .  .   .  And the size is marked 'down stairs'

 I really want to live here again. This view is love. I don't feel so alone and silent. I LOVE HELSINKI

    Recently I have been accidentally - or half - in a relationship drama and like Jenna Marbles says it "I don't know what to say about this" .  .  .  and I really don't.
   There's no 'relationship' in my name nor boyfriend, girlfriend or monogamy.
   Somehow I feel very related, I want to scream: "Oh, you just don't have the clue but people are telling me the same all the time - and I don't want to listen to them, I just choose not to and it is okay"
   All the time when some one opens about their relationship dramas - I refuse to understand, cause there's a lot of reasons and problems but there is also easy solutions and then in the other hand these people are too close to see or accept the solutions.   .   .
   I feel alone, sick, and heavy.
   I dislike seeing my friends sick - it makes me feel slow.  Smoking is bad and smelly.
   I don't decide to own my life to just one person and I'm okay as long as I don't feel anyone pressuring me to that.
   While I'm typing this, I know someone is having my back and he is my best friend. I don't know what to say but I know what to feel.
  I don't know what to say, e-mail me I want to think about you

Spring is here, Summer is knocking or at least its already available in stores

Day 33 : picture of your one favorite food ( this was hard, I love all kind of food)


Costumes and weekend

 WHAAAA~!! σ(゜∀゜)  Hugey delivery from Pinkyparadise <3
before I ADHD myself totally.... I have to warn everyone that this is going to turn to a page of cosplaymania and skinny obsession !!! (゜A゜;)
 Because I dislike cosplayers having "secret projects" I'm going to revile mines!!
 People tell me "It's so long time to conventions/competitions/game release" but they are speaking to a person who usually finds herself from moments realizing "OH SHIT, its next week and I need to order material X^Y and they are out of stock...."
 Also as it is a question of action/fighting character I personally don't think there's anything like "tooo early to start practicing your moves" (of course if you think you'll just do standing poses with it)
  These characters jump, (Juliet does different cheer jumps so better polish them) kick and hit!!!
WONDERFLEX are going to be on fire tonight!!
Random quote: "Isn't that an expensive hobby?" - "Well I don't worry money as much as I do about the space it takes of my apartment" :DD You can imagine that my home (or my parents) is quite full of weapons and shields, flags, costume parts.... or especially while they are being made.

Natsu / Soul Calibur V

Juliet Starling / Lollipop Chainsaw
   No picture so enjoy this nice remix

Last weekend I was at the Kamppi Stage Fashion show - pics of it later maybe. It went okayish.
Last Friday evening Nebraska arrived to Helsinki.
  Really the lack of electronic devices and the more sad reality that I can't cook makes us entertain ourselves usually out of my apartment.  We ate at Vapiano and went to watch Iron Sky.
 I didn't take any pictures as I enjoy his company a lot and my mind wasn't even anywhere around my camera. There's always something new about him to learn!
 He joined also to watch my team's practice at Saturday - they were pretty wild and accident rich ones.
Well I think he got a pretty good picture of what I do 5 days a week and what my love really is.
And how does it look like when nobody really complains of getting hurt or bruised.

On Sunday we woke up late ( ~ !!!! Hardly ever do that !!!! ~ ) and went for a brunch to Kiila, which is a fresh face in Helsinki central. There wasn't much of options ( especially if you are a vegetarian) but there's a lot of delicacies for carnivores.... like Nebs.  The place was nie and very nice music was played - actually it felt like we were abroad.
  For dessert I enjoyed carrotcake I LOVE CARROTCAKE, pannacotta and marshmallows, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! There's no space in my mind for diet thinking when I see cakes....

 Enjoy this picture of anonyminitytytytyty and a cool t-shirt
  Nebs has probably the most coolest hobby ... next to cheerleading of course ... SKYDIVING !!
On Sunday he jumped from an airplane ab at Pasila, flew with a .. erhm... wingsuit (??) above Helsinki, saw my house and Vallilla and then landed to Arabianranta. Is that awesome or whaaaaat...
To see Helsinki from above... like bird .... to fly. Its such a cool hobby I cant realize it yet properly.... (゜∀゜)

This week I started by waking up 5 am. and then to work. Shopping with mom and shopping more
from ASOS, ordered this white dress from there but the "deadline" for my delivery is for the 25th? o_O Can't wait <3 Summer is almost here!! ( ignoring the fact its actually snowing outside....)


I think we kissed but I forgot

I would want to post about how happy and cheerful my weekend will be.
Got the tickets for Lady Gaga's Born this way ball and we are going to wear kick ass costumes!!
Panu is coming for the weekend
Had an ice cream with my mom today and cried on her shoulder
Shawn mailed me about the possibility of coming to Finland.

I feel so - dark ... I read one other blog and I'll share usually many same feelings as the righter when reading it. So ill share some photos from there. I like her. I wish to sometimes have a conversation with her.
 I feel like this every other 15 minutes
What I'm scared of 
What I think when I'm scared or alone. S. W. Once I thought about Jesus when doing a 180deg toss.
Describes where I wanna be and what I want to see.  
When not hating anyone or anything I like to hate myself and be angry to myself. I hate food and what it does to me. Pure evil.
 My current activity. Usually then replaced my than occurs to me more. 

 There's no sense on wearing make up if your ice or puffy and swollen of crying.
  Eating ice creaming and crying leaning on your 143cm mother.
  This "getting and then letting go" is hard to do.
  I mostly hate people.
   I'm a girl - I cry, feel sad and down with no clear reason . . .

All I wanna do is to throw back handsprings with my team mates at the beach.

Fingers crossed it will be a good tomorrow. I'll wear curl tomorrow. And it's Panu's bday on Monday :P