To Know


Helsinki Ink 2011

( You can click the image to be larger, pardon my crappy english I'm still learning )
Saturday came and this ment buzzing machines and cute boys for me!

So I was planning to get a tattoo of my ferret on back of my hand, and expected it to take 5-6 hours.
I came there early and met the most beautiful lady in the planet, Agrypa, whose portfolio I already drooled over months ago.
Never been in a tattoo convention and I was kind of nervous what will be happening.

We changed the plan and did my side arm instead, this Polish tattoo artist really has some eye on how to make the picture to fit to ones arm. she sketched the frames straight to my arm - and then it was already time to go.

I have heard that it doesn't hurt so much to be tattooed on your side arm - I strongly disagree!
Any time the needles were poking my shoulder or near my arm pit I wanted to cry like a baby! :D

This tattoo convention seemed to have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. People came to look at her work or came talking to me, which made me forget the pain.

In the next door booth was the German Dark Shadow Tattoo crew who noticed that I was first trying to read a book but couldn't concentrate at all :DD They were super nice! They kept feeding me lollipops and offering candy - along side giving me faces which made me laugh.

People started realizing that I've been sitting there for hours.. So they seemed to be very interested on what was being done. Lot's of pictures were taken and one interview :3

There wqas the morning silence, the rush hours and the feeling of that this place is going to soon be closed. We had a quick eating break and a tiny toilet break but otherwise it was straight thru. Sat there for 10 hours - I must admit that the last hours were like extremely uncomfortable. I wonder how tattoo artist pull off those long sessions o_O

I felt like crying when I started to see the face of my ferret, which actually looks like it's looking back when I look at my arm.
Thank you, Agrypa for your time - I'm so speachless. I have a prove in my arm that she can make something that I couldn't even imagine to be possible!

Thank you also you random drunk man, Dark Shadow tattoo crew for making my laugh once in a while, Jouni for being there when needed, Nelly and Saija and co!<3

Tough I'm thinking now that NEVER AGAIN.. getting tattooed ouchieee - I want to go thru lots of tattoo conventions!
Nice people and super good music not forgetting the roller derby girls!