To Know


Edy Poppy says it best

^ I ordered a book, Anatomia. Monotonia. by Edy Poppy. Never waited for any book like this before :)

Lately I have been unbelievably-moody!! Of course being a girl, hormones could be blamed.
But I think this all PMSisyesisnesss roots from my very poor diet going hand on hand with my too harsh fasting - which has proven to be the top of things "DONT DO THIS EVER!!"
For example days I tried to survive only with coffee, and eat protein food only when there was practice. WRONG WRONG. Maybe it gives some results but they won't be lasting.
So eyes in quality not in quantity :3

Today, cause of my temper I concentrated more to details in today's cheer practice.
Listened what was told to the other flyers - one our new flyer is such an incredibly fast learner! :o
I reaaaaaalllly am jealous of her skills in a good way! <3
Also our coaches push every team member do handsprings which I consider as a good factor.
Lately we have been doing so much new things I'm so excited!

Later, as I was in a middle of mental typhoon. Jouni took me shopping. Usually shopping sucks, because this is finland and it's winter = cloths are sold in tones which i dont consider as colours...
My mood was lifted by food and new things at Stockmann. We ate at Zetor, it's really one of my favorite restaurants ^^

At home Jouni wanted to try the Pomodoro technique to me. I haven drawn on ages, so doing my compo entry for Revision had a very muddy start last night. Today I realized that, no worries, i'll start with human studies, then mutations ( trying not to expose my entry-idea ;) ), arrangements and colours.
This will be great. And like in cheerleading I want this to be a piece which pushes my skills to its limits!!

In the evening we still went to the gym (Kisahalli) with Jouni.
We have our shared goal for Revision, which we have scheduled to be worked on every Sunday!
I did some stretches with him in front of the mirror. No pictures again.
Not wanting to beat my own drum BUT I think there has been some progress!
After nationals, bow-n-arrow was just impossible to even think! Scorpion was a totally joke... etc.
Now when we do them at practice, I manage to get the position by myself without feeling completely embarrassed and laughing to myself. Also I count it as an achievement that I'm able to keep my balance though the position isn't perfect!

So a happy end to this day ~ I'll continue with drawing then a nice sleep :)


Start of the new cheer season!

Our team has now 34 beautiful and talented girls!

First, all the flyers had to show their stunt stretches, arabesques, bow-and-arrows etc.
Like always I totally fail in these but this time had more self-confidence as I knew I had practiced them... and tried my best! I have some serious problems in doing anything with my left side - it made every one laugh apart :DD

We did some new stunts, and I got known with our new base Marja :)
Noticed that I need to control more my upper body.

Yesterday, started playing Dead Nation - as far it has been very simple and routine-like, so hope this Finnish dude's have something for suprise.
Also, as one customer brought her PSP to be fixed, I had a hunger for one too.
So my bf gave me one and we loaded God of War, Patapon, Wipeout pulse some to mention.

My one beloved friend called that she got the job I offered to her. We haven't ment since summer!! So I'm going to pay a visit to her place on Thursday and have some cacao <3
Can't wait! <3


The difference of want and need is self control

I didn't upload any pictures cause in my opinion my stretching has suffered a setback and it made me so angry that ....PMS RAGE RAGE WHINE WHINE ANGER ANGER

This week I attended a tumbling camp - it was fun and fast! I notices that a front tuck is more my thing than a back tuck.
Also I found out that we have to give out some personal goals which are meant to be achieved in a month.
I feel so disappointed right now. crybabycrybaby.

Lost 2,4kg since nationals, not feeling THAT fat anymore but still..

Bought Red dead redemption - undead nightmare for PS3. I love zombies, so I love this game! Though it's very simple, so it's a very beginner friendly.
Vanquish for xbox is pure looooooooooooove <3 Maybe too fast for me but simple controls.