To Know


Too excited

... and trying to hide it.

Talking about latex and rubber - how to work with it and so.
This morning I woke up with a wide smile on my face, cause I went to sleep by thinking dragons and mighty vikings!
Now I got informed about Desucon Frostbite - I'm so going!!! Hall cosplay oooh!!! :3

You got up this morning with determination and you are going to bed with satisfaction

Tommorrow is THE movie day .. and I'm having a red hair again, let's see how it looks like tommorrow.


Not really but for real

I was working at GameStop today - and instead of saving bought the Helghast edition of Killzone 3
Tralala *~ ~ Cause I'm a person who is into achieving things I made a "saving chart" for trips Japan and Thailand. It's in my calendar, it's colourful and alluring!!! :o So this is how it works: Everytime I put 20 euros to my trip-saving I give myself a mark. Everytime I have achieved 200euros - I'm allowed to enjoy sweets or bake something! 
Today I told one girl that it's hard to read blogs with depression or bulimia - because me and her, we don't want to be like that but we want to be thin. . .

About being addicted to strangers, one girl whose blog I have been reading is telling about quitting.
I felt like choking.  Please don't your writings feel like a hand holding mine.

I wanted to start doing something that people who want to loose weight rarely do  ...talked about eating. 
It was like an absolution 
I didn't eat until 3pm - everybody knows you have to eat all the time something small so your body wont storage extra fat. I ate some fudge - bad you! Yay, today everyone bought lots of stuff from the grocery and I didn't - wow you have such self-discipline. I actually was brave enough to ask them do they ever "revenge" to the other people around like by eating something a little bit and then by giving it away to someone else. - Yes, a short but sure answer.
I want to be skinny, but kind of the reality is hitting my face that I better than stair the scale but the mirror as I'm packed with muscles... I want to be light but I don't want to loose my muscles.. Dilemma.

This past weekend I have changed a couple of lines with a stranger in IRCnet - and now I miss him/her.
I'm having the same feeling like with the girl whom wrote me after Assembly.
So lost, empty and bored.
But with that one girl I actually kind of started to feeling something towards her ... it's a weird feeling oh internets you so random.
 Can't wait Thursday... I want to see Emily Browning. Sleeping Beauty Complex.
Hohoooo I feel silly - I bought 2 tickets to the show but I don't have anyone to go with... But I think I'll enjoy it anyway!!


Moodies Hoodies

Recently I've been super busy, moving, jobs, cheerleading, arranging a Team-up day and it's amazing raaace...
But middle of all the crying and not-so-cheery-mood I've been making myself to enjoy the time once in a while v(゚▽ ^*)ノ 

I want to move quickly, buy a TV and get my internet connection ready to watch this: !!! WHAAA!!!! 
After watching for a while that trailer and noticing that Jwowwwwwww has the same suitcase as I do I wanted to order some Abercrombie & Fitch !!! 
I'm aware of the media thing that A&F have offered the Jersey Shore cast some cash to NOT WEAR their clothing - at the same time I think it was a good commercial trick! ;D Cause suddenly it's all over the Helsinki now - or I have just started to notice it.. or something. the brand has been for ages displayed at Stockmanns but recently it has been moved to the "youngster" section, ONLY... and A&F is also sold very loudly at J&C

Because it was Sunday, stores already closed and at J&C they only sold baggy cloths with very mild colours from A&F ... I went to their online store  ----->  www.
For my happiness I noticed they have bright&loud colour to my taste so less than in a 5 minutes I found my favorites:
I ordered these lounge pants and Melanie hoodie in size XS - Let's see what will I recieve, the online store even estimates when will your package will be delivered mine was September 27th  Cant wait ♪☆ ^ __^

We have been so into ice cream land to other desserts lately with Jari ♡゚・*:.。*
Though it's kind of a bad thing  (ノ>_<)ノ - cause we have packed up with 2 other flyers to loose weight!!
( it's nice to share issues about loosing weight  with some one and to stay strong with each others )

one of my Decoden projects got frozen cause I was  not sure would I take the Samsung Galaxy S 2 or to keep the iPhone 4.. Currently I'm waiting for the white Samsung :P

Yesterday I got from my coach an other talent pearl to my shoe!! In Golden Spirit ( our team ) we have "Talent pearls", different colours mean different skills.
For example mine are orange/yellow = Good spirit, voted by the squad. Purple = round off - back  handspring I wish to have a blue one, which is single handspring ( which people usually and naturally get before roundoff-back handsprings... but I haven't achieved it yet *'ー'*)

 I miss Didi ... ( whose ashes are actually now stuck in the post office T  ^  T ..seriously) Didi eating keeping some crunchy noise ... her being so curious 

10 days of loving these girls

...and it won't ever end 

 Some random picks from the last 10 days with them :3
We had a Team get together night and a Team spirit day - with an Amazing race around Helsinki!!
I organized most of the race so it brought lot's of pressure and stress, "Will people totally hate it, oh god is this hint too hard, is this booring...."
I myself was standing on one check-point with one of our coaches and noticed that bought of the teams (we had a lottery to divide our team to two different teams, they need to name their groups and work together with new and old teammates)
were super serious and seemed to enjoy the tasks, they were running and using any resource available, like in the real TV show :DDD - So in the end I felt very relieved and happy!!

..They manage to do owling .. while basket tossing.

One task was to make a puzzle which led to Cybershop( where I work)  and to "Take a piercing" but in reality they were given a eating device depending on what they chose and then to eat some baby food where I removed the etiquette so they didnt really know what they were eating :DDD ( belly piercing= straw, labret = chopsticks, septum and nipples = spoon)
(Holding haaands  btw <3)


The past week in pictures

Hi my name is ....

 This is my work and this is my recently discovered meal replacer -- COCONUT WATER 

Places I miss to spend time in- Jari's cars. He has a jag but never sat inside of it yet

Our team and Jari went to the recordings of Finnish Talent TV show - was quite awesome

We get a shitload of buns, cinnamon rolls, pastries from the next door bakery every evening :P

I'm into sweets and dessersts - and vapiano 

Oriental latte + Imagine FX = Why to wake up early in the morning
Shopping Shopping - My little pony pencil case, nail polish, Hello Kitty lipbalm, Kanebo eyeliner stickers ... detailed pictures later on better lightning..............

Movie festival yay - tired oh no - sleeping oh yes



 LATELY I've been stuffing myself with CAKE and sweets - It gives me hard time to think about what to eat as a hot, tasty, healthy, salty lunch/dinner/supper ... cause I don't wanna, my body says suuuugaaaar and berriessss.... have some chocolaaate (^・ω・^=)~  
 and believe (oh yes please do) I have lost a couple of kilograms recently. When I reach 44kg I'll reward myself with the Olympus PL2

 Lately I have done less work.... And been alot with Jari~iiiiiiiiiii!!!  ♡゚・* 

One day - Oh it was a special one! 
It felt like going to a date or so. I met one girl with whom I've been changing "letters" since Assembly
On the way meeting her, I wondered have this ever happen to me, have I done something like this - meaning have I had ever the  courage to meat someone in purpose.  ( yeah yeah, when I was ~14 met my becoming boyfriend irl in Helsinki because he was from the countryside and he was on a school field trip- we met in WoW....)

She was so awesome - so I was probably not so - and open. And soooooo much beautiful irl, she has so amazing eyes, the cutest nose and the most sweetest lips ever - AND GOD SHE IS SMART!! 
(  ≧  д  ≦  )

I'm working tommorrow for a long time again at the gamestore - first I was like booooooriiiiing i must weaaaar loooong-laaaaaaaame-paaaantsssss ... Oh!! There's new people, it's the East Helsinki IT'S SO WONDERFUL (not really I mean the people are so sweet and puni puni <3 but the place is kinda MEEEEh) ....I FILL UP MY iPOD with unbelievable funny/weirdo/music that I recently so love ( such as  The left rights, AKB48, BRITNEY SPEARS, Mindless Self Indulgence) and not forgetting to keep our steelballs shiny some Metallica, Megadeath and  Mötörhead!!
Yeaaaah but that place either makes me smile because it makes me smile or just because I'm so tired. And places where are lot's of men working there's always something to clean :3

And I'm going to apply to schools again in Spring, I'm going to be super inspired about Lapland and take my ass to Ateneum to get some work done!!

Hi ~a said karate kid!

To these moments.... continue.