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Cheerinspiration! part 2

Just realized that I'm my own final obstacle to get over ! There is no one else on the way!
.. I win myself when learning more tumbling
...I win myself when I notice that my stretching has payed off
...I win myself when we hit the stunt together with the group!


2011 IHSA Music Video from Switzerfilm on Vimeo.
 Kirjoitin tänään kuudelta aamulla:

 Kipusin takaisin sänkyyn
Kääriydyin peittoon, hengitin tyynyä, siinä nukkunut jätti siihen viikonlopun naurua ja oikeita hetkiä.
Värisen enkä ole varma mitä tunnetilaa koen.
Mielestäni on raskampaa todeta että toinen henkilö tulee pitkän ajan päästä takaisin kuin että palaisiko hän elämääni enää ikinä.

(Ensin skannasin sen kunnes tajusin että lukihäiriö kiljui sieltä - se oli huvittavaa)

Ompa sellainen pienimuotoisen turhautumisen tunnekkin.
  Harvoin vietän vapaa-aikaa kavereiden kanssa saatika tutustun kehenkään täysin kaveripiirin tai cheerleadingin ulkopuolelta.
Sitten tutustuessani, ihmiseen joka lentää (josta voisin puhua päiviä putkeen), panostaa kouluun (mielestäni ihmiset ei panosta tarpeeksi mihinkään, joten tämä on kuin kohtaisi yksisarvisen), [ :kaikkea muuta siistiä] kaiken lisäksi on harrastanut sirkusta (..tehnyt arabiflikkiä ja josta myös voisin puhua tauotta) ja on lisäksi tunnettu siitä että hän puhuu tauotta.
 Sellanen tyyppi jolle kehtaan soittaa sponttaanisti kuten ala-asteella huudeltiin ikkunoihin "Voitko olla tänää?"
 Eiköhän se sitten opiskelujen vuoksi siirretä kaupunkiin jota en osaa osoittaa Suomen kartalta.
 Please send me a postcard ja "Pidetään yhteyttä"

Recent tiny buys

just watching colors.
"Can I help you?"
"Yes I need a lipstick, I seldom use ones... so I'm lost" 
"Well I could suggest you....these"
"I'm going to a prom with dark makeup so maybe something matching with that"
"Then in that case I'll propose to these, you are so young, cold color warm color, shade of your hair...."
*being in love with the most pink one*
"Okay I'll take that" 
"Need anything else?"
"A blush..:"
*again I choose a peache one"
"I'll give you an free example of this and that - enjoy your day "
Done in 3 minutes - Good me!!

There is a mostly Klaus Haapaniemi oriented exhibition @Stockmann's Argos Hall.
  I'm a great fan of his designs - as I have lost my count in what Iittala dishes I have by him (Mostly Taika and Satumetsä) I ended up to buy these multi- purpose scissors. :3


Female Shepard

 I recently bought that pocketbelt/thigh strap/thingie from Backstreet. I've been on a search for a more rock styled pocket belts since I got my earlier one from a classmate.


This is why I'm fat

^  Is relevant  :D 

I have gotten fat - so I checked out what have I pushed down my throat past days. ( Yeah, I'm lonely and really take picture of nice dishes for my joy ) Here's TOP 3 + random surprisingly not so good
... and admitting you just get fat if you eat eat and eat but don't exercise , need to fix that >:B 

1st place -  Veggie Tempura udon noodle soup !
 Went to City Center to try the new Japanese restaurant there.. For my surprise our Japanese one regular, Hiro, works there!! He even offered us some tea! :3 I took a Veggie tempura udon noodle soup (the name pretty much says what it contains :D )
It was so delicious, big, fresh, hot and so tasty!! I'm in love with udon noodles to the stock and the chili which Hiro suggested me to sprinkle to the soup! LOVE
2nd place - Stockmann Deli strawberry + honey melon cup

One day I was wondering what to snack - I wished for strawberries and melons, Stockmann makes dreams come true! They had them in goblets !!! \:D/ They also serve toasted bruschettas with rucola, pinja seeds and tomatoes! Which are lovely!

 3rd place - Raw cooki from Ruohonjuuri - w/ nuts, seeds etc. 
ENERGYBOOSTER!!! .. and super challenging for your teeth!

 Suprisingly not so good buys :D ..... Ready packed smoothie packages and raw chocolate bar.
Frozen fruits + blender = a puddle of pink sperm which tastes like some one already ate it. And top it with the fact that it probably has zero nutritional value o_O
"Raw chocolate" - yummyy and less guilt
"THIS raw cholate bar" - tasted worse than Xmas chocolate calendar pieces o_O

I need to prepare and plan my food better in the future if I want to be small enough for the trip to Japan...


Steamy rows of fun!!

 In case someone doesn't know I'm into STEAMPUNK !! \:D/ 
So I decided to put together some steampunk themed gear together for sale-days at work!! 
  Just received my order!! And it was full of darksteamgothicilicious goodies!!
Restyle is a Polish alternative clothing online-store which is SUPER FAST!! I ordered bunch of jewellery, t-shirts, a waist corset and a bird skull cameo. Paid, next day packed and send, five days waiting - something so much better to wear and a HAPPY MEEEEEEHHHH!!!!!

I'm probably the most advanced skill needed person to ask out for a drink or to have any kind of fun - especially if it comes in a short warning (7 days is "I dont have any time to get ready oh myyyy...¨"
Ville somehow managed to get me out (10 p. basic skill) to a concert (20p. for an event ) with him (20p for make me meet a new person without anyone I know) at the same night, just after my work was over (500 p. DUDE SKILLZ0RS,  man making me move fast). 
Of course it was a concert by THE SOUNDS (500p. for knowing a band I like) 
I actually didn't know anything about him, he is a friend of my co-worker .... and I have seen him once drun and once in a very bad hangover. So I didn't know what to small talk about with him .....
 But he is awesome!! He works as a photographer and I like his style, I actually like the fact that I haven't IRCd him thru, there's so much things to find out about him! >:B Curiosity is my getting wet.
I saw him yesterday too as he had a birthday - so interesting to meet a person who isn't related to half-Helsinki!! And he likes to travel, he likes dogs and raw meat with soy sauce. Yeah.

Ville you score high, bunch of badges and achievements unlocked!!

Tiina's engagement/B-day/farewell party

My co-worker just got engaged, turned "17" and is going for a around the world trip with his tattoo artist man! I'm so jealous they are so in loooove and cudddly!!!  Humberto has the most extra ordinary
 appartment I've ever seen. I was like a tourist there, everything inside of those squares were so beautiful, detailed and interesting!!  Mexican men do really good food - it was so unbelievable! Also I met new very interesting people there!! After getting some drink and tons of food inside me we went dancing to the Dom discoteque which was a huge joke - but I loved, who doesn't love _DISCO_ hits from the 80's and 90's !?!?! 
Imagine he owns over 4000 CDs .. most of them heavy metal, he made the kitchen table by himself, he brought kitchen tiles abroad and assembled them by himself ... even the light swithes are decorated!

 I love everything SWEEEET!! Like these Lolita boys I just met last weekend. The brown haired is Joona and I see him quite often, sweet and a lovely lolita style lover - and I just can't get enought of wathing this picture I took :3 It makes me so happyyy~!

 I like the concept of human pets but I also realized that pet bowls are suitable for human dishes too!! :3 I've been addicted to eat this berry-mush-mush, for my breakfast and dinner!
 Recipe of easiness : strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, chia seed, chocolate nib served with soy yoghurt!
 Instead of getting interested in new books I've been searching thru Onii's bookshelf. Many of them are about coding, modeling (graphics), braind, psychology but also about drawing and sex - even about help-your-self books for dating :D
  One day I went to Gina Tricot and went to try some clothing for my surprise I noticed picking a lot of BLACK :D 
  When Onii came from Barcelona he brought me lots of chocolates :3 He was there in a ... mmh.. let me think about it... how I see it " A boring huuuge meeting of important people in the gaming and it's developing industry "

Our team is going to a Spring competition called May Madness, participating in the category "Womens' Open" . (Finland has 3 cheerleading competitions in a year, May madness, Syyskilpailut ( Fall competition) and The Nationals)
  I got chosen to the competing bunch ( meaning that of 32 squad members only 20 is taken ) and we've done some new hazard stunts lately!! In my opinion everything has gone nicely but they could have been better :DD
  The most memorable is called among our cheerleaders "The Kamikaze" which is a backet toss, where while in the air you lean forward and lower your chest keeping a high V with your hands lifting your heels at the same time over your head level. After this position you put your head to your chest and do a front flip! Sounds easy, but you need to be fast!!

Here's a video from the very first Bring it on movie! Kamikaze made in 1:31-1:33

Fist you are so happy that you are going to be able to try a new stunt which you consider as an advanced skill!! Your bases throw as much as they can and you need to work it out!!
I felt so self-confined as it was told slowly to us what to do up in the air. Basic toss, fly, lower, tuck - some how it still ends up feeling very uncontrolled. But guess time polishes it, if my bases are still alive! :D <3
As there sadly are people that don't concider competive cheerleading as a sport - I think these pictures potrait it. Atleast it also grows your attitude!! Especially after I told some non-cheerleaders of doing kamikaze tosses... the are speechless. It goes without saying that it's also the most dangerous sport for young women. BUT I LOVE IT. I'M SO MARRIED.

Thing I wouldn't want to ever live without: Cheerleading and sleeping with someone.


Yö angsti

 On pitänyt olla jo tovin kasvotusten monen kivisenkylmän asian kanssa. Tahdon pyyhkiä ne yli haikailemalla jotain mennyttä aikaa, tapaa, muistella vanhoja hetkiä, tarpeettomalla materialla tai itseinholla
  Kuuntelin tovin hiljaisuutta, avauduin internetin yli, kiukustuin. Kuuntelin baletteja koin turhautumisen tunnetta sillä yleensä minun tekee mieli venytellä klassiseen musiikkiin, mutta kehoni ei ole halukas tekemään mitään. Minusta tuntuu että kehoni haurastuu jatkuvasti, koska pidän sitä niin rumasti. Lihaksia jumittaa, nivelet naksuu ja luut lonksuu.
  Kadehdin ihmisiä jotka osaa "kuunnella kehoaan". Minä selkeästi en osaa. Kovin vaivaa se että vaikka tahdon olla kapoinen, notkea ja nopea - on oltava kuitenkin urheilullinen eli omistaa kunnolla aktiivista lihasmassaa joka painaa enemmän kun tahtoisin.
  Ristiriitaiset tunteet on sellaisia asioita joita en tahdo näyttää sillä se on kuvottavimpia hetkiä kun joku nimittää minua kaksoismoralistiseksi (olen sitä mutten myönnä)
  Uskoisin että keventyisin helposti ainakin 5 kiloa jos lakkaisin liikkumasta, makaisin sängyllä ja lihakset surkastuisivat, toisaalta minusta on upeaa olla urheilullinen ja haastaa omaa kehoani.
  Pienin sormeni on tällä hetkellä sininen ja turvonnut - tein arabi-flikki-flikkiä eikä se ensimmäistä lukuunottamatta mennyt kovin hyvin koska jännitin, joten sormeni vääntyi.
  Olen kovin vänkyrä.
  Todella yksinäinen, niin että kaikuu.
  Pitäisikö sille tehdä jotain?
  Monet tuoksut lohduttaa ja vastaa moneen harmittavaan ajatukseen.
  Kuten appelsiinin tuoksuinen voide.
 Jospa menis vaan nukkumaan,  uusi päivä varmasti korvaa tämän yöllisen nuutumisen.