To Know


EGL is making a come back to my heart!

 Last Sunday there was a japanese traveling show shooting at our store :3 Not allowed to tell you much before the episode is aired but these pictures are related! ;D + I love the combination of yellow and violet!!!

I wore my Buffalo 1310-2s  at the shooting :) I wish there would be more occasions let them shine and have the attention they deserve >:B 

 Today was literally pretty white outside - a view from the window ......... yeah, makes anyone speechless

 mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... favorite bunnnnn it has cranberries mmhhhhhhhhhhh

 Last Sunday I was again at fat camp which actually felt quite easy this time. Afterwards I stayed to do some stunting with some girls from Sparks. Pictures below are the part of just goofing around <3 There's so many sooooo powerful bases that couldn't even imagine why they aren't in our team yet. The one girls even told she REAAAAALLLLY wants to be part of the Genies - wow cool <3 I think, this will be my every Sunday night - looking like this and laughing myself until I choke :P

 There's some free time a past days, and I think a computer is like a mirror of your house. Like a bag reflects to its' owner... so hmm..

Päivä 05: kuva jostain mihin olet riippuvainen
Day 05 : Picture of something you're addicted to

Päivä 06: kuva joka inspiroi sinua
 Day 06 : Picture that inspires you

Päivä 07: kuva minne haluaisit mennä
Day 07: Picture of a place you want to go 

Today we were with mommy and Onii enjoying some stand up comedy by MICHAEL WINSLOW ( The sound man from the Police academy!! ). 
  First we ate with my mom at F8, had cookies and warm drinks at Robert's and then we headed to Gloria to see Winslow's show. 
  I've never been into a standup show, so I was a bit nervous ... for like is there some kind of an etiquette :DD We sat pretty near at the stage on the balcony. 
  I was also kind of not so waiting for much as I'm hard to make laugh......
BUT even the warmer was goood, luckyly I was sitting on a divan like couch I was able to fall lying and laughing!!! 
  When Michael came, there was non stop laughing, it hurt my faaace!! Flight and virator noises, toilet humor, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and even star wars was part of his show!!! 
  Some how I think he even read my mind! He hates the song in Kill bill by the 5678's called Wohoo. He even sang BArbie girl for a second. 
  Even best part was that he pointed me as child - "God, we a have a child here!" and he started to do different Pokemon noises, taking pokemons in a ball, playing rocket team :DDDDD
 I dont have tears for this year anymore they I'm soo..... huh... wish to someday see his show again!!

 Thank you Michael, Onii and MOMMYYYYY
Here's a trailer kind of:  


So...... ISTP!

 Päivä 04: kuva jostain mitä olet menettänyt
Day 04 : Picture of something you've lost
A picture from 8th grade, friendship of that time and the grip to really be what you like to be.

Today I tried to make curls to my hair but less than a day at work they turned into waves slowly... Tomorrow there's a japanese traveling guide for TV coming to shoot some material at our shop, so I need to fix something cool to wear >:B

My iPhone have last longer than any phone in the past. I always wear them silicone shells, which deco :P Here's the newest one in progress you can almost spot the 'Cheer' in somewhere in the middle \:D/ 

This day was spent at work, eating at Denni's, searching for a camera bag and then just being at home and getting my nails done :P Also we had bunch of fun with Keirsey's temperament sorter :D ( I call it FUN, OKAY !? I don't take them too seriously but I do believe that they are somehow in right direction ) One test described me as ISTP 
"Crafters are fearless in their play, exposing themselves to danger again and again, even despite frequent injury. Of all the types, Crafters are most likely to be risk takers, pitting themselves, or their technique, against chance or odds."

"Crafters are hard to get to know.  Perhaps this is because they tend to communicate through action, and show little interest in developing language skills. Their lack of expressiveness can isolate them at school and on the job, and even though they hang around with their own kind in play, they let their actions speak for them"

  "Crafters can be wonderfully generous and loyal to their friends, teammates, and sidekicks, often giving up their evenings or weekends to help with building. On the other hand, they can be fiercely insubordinate More than anything, Crafters want to be free to do their own thing, and they are proud of their ability to do it with an artist's skill."

  Roger that, BPD affirmative, fire in the whole check check " I hate you, don’t leave me!"


Rare random day off

Päivä 03: kuva siitä, mitä teit tänään
Day 03: picture of what you did today
Catherine for Xbox, 
Started it today and I love it! It's like watching an anime with some brain puzzles in the middle!!  
I also refreshed the layout today and made this super-duper-day-counter w/Onii !! Check it out it's FLASH!

Got a new bag today!! 
/ Random news flash: Lately I've felt Spring knocking on the door as there's surprisingly many people wanting to go out with me - yeah, in THAY way - i'll tell you more about after these nice pictures 
cause I thought this bag would be nice for dates!!!  / news end

 George Gina & Lucy's Freds Gal in black and gold
from Stockmann for 119€ - it is soooooooo~ perfect :3 It is just the right size, also it's nylon (not really a fan of leather bags as they smell bad ). I usually carry lot's of shiee~ with me so many zipper (golden) pockets are very suitable for my use. Oh god it's so prettyyy!!! The thing I love the most in GGL bags are the locks!!! <3

 Once again a picture of a salad I ate at F8 (it's located in the roof of Stockmann) today -  I looooove green beans!! And raspberry sauce!! This salad is like the main course and dessert on the same plate! TADAAAAH~!!! 
 I'm a girl who has been single for  over a half-year and it's totally fine with me as I love to do a lot of work and cheerleading eats most of the evening of the week ( this can't be told too many times )
Since the age 12 I've met my boyfriends across the internet, mainly @ IRC channels.
I go to dates only if  spoken to the person in IRC and checked is the other one really worth my time and the social pressure( not like I'm the best company on planet Earth but, you know checking: "is there any reason to go out my house?")
Sounds corny but nobody really is interested about me when I'm really trying hard, looking hot etc. ( :D:DD:D:D::D:D)
Today I opened my FB messages with my phone and somer old messages from the times I was working in Game Stop and messages just lately, NOW. Some examples:
 "Hi, you work at GS? Been there a couple of times this week. Your eyes are so catchy I love your smile. Wanna go out with me some night?"  -- first GS univorm, and me working there wasnt so pretty so WTF :DDDDD
  " Hello I saw you at Kamppi - and I really miss your laugh. Want to change numbers?" -- This made me feel that I flirt a lot at work...... bad me
  "Hello my name is XXX XXX and I'm a friend of XXX XXX wanna date me this weekend?" -- I can see your name and our mutual friends, okay.
   Here I sit my jaw dislocated. I'm usually the most ugliest of the girls and the most, well boyish and unwanted, or I feel so. ( except, when I IRC with my phone in a club guys usually small talk me, but usually they are disturbing some really more interesting conversation over the internet... )
  So as the latest date request was from my work mates friend I needed to think a lil bit seriously for a while.
What is dating/ going out and does it profit me at all?
I came to a conclusion: I like boys and girls - more boys who like to dress up like girls. I'm single but not available (because I love cheerleading over anything). I love going to dates just because I have to behave and put some effort to my looks, I love to look nice for someone else \:D/
  Dunno, I'm just confused. My workmate asked me lately "What do you do when you are alone at your home..." It made me down for a minute..... I really enjoy my time alone and playing, drawing, wondering. I don't want to be alone neither want to be chained. FFFFUUU~ I'm so pathetic, let's eat feelings >:B a boss, like Jenna Marbles ! Smoke chocolate!!

Really what I've been doing lately too is  THIS :


Hyvä - work sites

 Päivä 02: kuva siitä, miltä sinusta tuntui tänään
Day 02 : picture of how you felt today 
I felt small, tiny and cute happy but a little unsure.
(pictured our neighbor, Pinky)

 Vilkku searching stuff for her blog-sponsor thingie <3
 My workmate loves birds, she's getting a bird sleeve done - How awesomeeee!!! ^_________^
 I told ya, there will be summer at work!!! ~ It's a lil bit more summer when I wear shorts :DD
Below my outfit I wore the yesterday - the dress is a sleeveless one from Vera Moda :3 (since when size 36 been so huuuge .___. it's pretty loose on me but guess it's the way it's meant to be :P)
Wheeeee ~ and my new stockings bought from Lindex!! 


Food and fitness

I had a hard-cold-fact-learning with alcohol during my traveling : It makes you FAT 
 One second in your mouth, forever in your hips.  

Also it destroys your fitness in a flash - so when I went back to training and going to gym I felt like crap. 
  When I go to gym, all the muscle workout is focused to be able stretch easily. So my points are getting sweaty, warm and stretchy. Not really gaining any muscle.

At the gym I usually:
1.) Run for 20 minutes for warmup,
2.)wake up my main muscle groups like thighs, back, abs, arms, calfs etc. in different devices.
3.) stretch for ab 15 minutes some basic stretches and another 20 minutes for (cheer) flyer stretching.

So the flyer part wouldn't be so boring I like to make position sequences ! ( like from scale, to scorpion to needle.... I should post some ones)
I think it trains my ability to keep my balance and also to practice changing positions ...where I usually suck :)  This is what I usually wear at the gym as long my tummy is soft and chubby....

From now on my diet consist of raw food ( I need to find out more about this, more than raw candy/protein bars...), fresh veggies, fruits, fruit shakes, organic buns, nuts and hell a load of water - I think it will help to loose a kilo or seven!!!

....and these lovely vegan proteinbars from Ruohonjuuri *yummmyyyy* they taste like a crunchy and chewy brownie <3 LOVE <3

Focus in happiness

Because I want to have a weight loss calendar, I'll use one from Prinsessatauti there's 41 days and I have 7kg to take off.
Day 01: Picture of what are you thinking of 
PS Vita with Wipe out ( picture 
 My new gel nails with pink glitter ends - and the moment I started Wipeout!! \:D/
Of course aside of gaming and finding out to what all the PS Vita is capable you must take advantage of it's 2 cameras in front and back! ...and CAM WHORE!! <3 (in an elevator - like a landshark)

Last weekend I went to FME - Finnish Metal expo
I have to admit that I don't like metal music as much as I used to when being in high school.
Originally went there w/ Jerry - who lives in Turku whom I met at Digiexpo, somehow I ended up spending rest of the evening with Jburger!! ---->
 Which was totally fine as I missed him, and I actually escaped the company where the topic was something about pudding-like-relationship-blargh-death-boring-mud.
( I'm very good in avoiding to have a conversation about that sector - and proud)