To Know



It's been a while as I've been occupied by multiply wonderful things such as:

- Reality TV The new Artist
- Making of my cosplay costume
- Diablo 3 !!! - Lvl 16 Monk \:D/
 - Private Cheerleading Tumbling lessons !!!
-  Birthday vacation!!
 And this will be a wonderful photo/video spam about these!!

 We decided with Onii that will spend our birthdays, as they are so close to each others in Tokyo Disneyland and in Helsinki.
  I try to do a separate entry ab Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea as it is the most AWESOME Place I've ever been to!!!

Below 2 cakes from 2 different occasions :3 Chocolate cake is made by mom - she has been totally overhelmed about all going and cooking  vegan so she made me a strawberry-chocolate cake ^^
Oh, how I love and miss my family.
I spent a day with my parents and another with Onii @ Chez Dominique
  The cake below is a classic ichigo-keeki or kurisumasu-keeki ( strawberry/christmas-cake) in Japan.
During the stay in Tokyo Disneyland/TOkyo Disney Sea we stayed in a Japanese styled suite in Hilton Tokyo Bay - Oh how I miss Tokyo too...

 So here's a huge picture spam ab my birthdays in Tokyo and in Helsinki :P 

Cheer Tumbling Lessons
  In beginning of Summer one of my cheer idols, Mika, came to our practice and offered us private tumbling, conditioning, stunting lessons !! This was awesome!! Of course I attended !! And I'm soooo...... HAPPY!!! I'm looking forward to learn a handspring, handspring-handspring, a handspring-back tuck - and anything more, because in these 2 last sessions with him he has shown me that I'm totally capable doing them!! 
  Now he is in Italy competing for European championship in partner stunting ....
And here's some of his skills ( and his partner, team mates) if you don't know him yet ;D
And a funnier one for their Nordic Championships

I really look up to these people, and they are really good image for how hard work really pays off!

Toni and Teemu are waiting for me at Midnight @ Central Clubs - but I probably rather be stuck w/ Ponies, reality TV-show The next great  Artist and my quests as I'm undergoing some issues to be in crowded places...... especially if it inclueds drunkartdssrmonkiiiiiessss....


Basics of my Tokyo trip

This was my first time to Japan, Tokyo.
21st of May until 4th of June in 2012
Helsinki - Copenhagen - Tokyo

2 hours before the flight I was still dying my hair, and we actually were late for the plane for several reasons - and it was just typical from us :DD
  My friend realized that he doesn't have a passport so he had to get one and at the airport (40 min before the flight) they told us: "No you can't board to this plane anymore..."
  And of course with our luck "Hmmm, there seems to be still some problems with the breathing masks so you can still make it" ^__________^
 I love sitting in a plane, SAS's one this time - I don't like their entertainment and the food is a bit sad. But still I enjoyed the flight!

From Narita airport - first important things first - CAN HAZ INTERNETZ, we rented a mobile net device :P
  Also I amused myself first time with the japanese toilet already at the airport - and was stunned with the highly polite manners of japanese folks.
  Then we took a NEX train to Tokyo.
  You hear and see images of everything weird in Japan, but it still manages to amaze you and hit your face twice :D
  It was an ubeliavable feeling - "This is like being in an anime", I told to Onii, corny I have to admit but that was what I felt.
  We were staying in Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku (which I warmly recommend to everyone)
The hotel was so beautiful and it had a golden hall and everything was so fancy!
 The doorman even opened automatic doors for us :DDDDD 
 We were staying at 32nd floor and I loved the views! At the hotel there was a japanese toilet too with a warming seat and with a glass which doesn't get fogged when being in a hot shower ( - so high tech o_O )
 The breakfast there was crazy large buffet with all fresh fruits you can imagine, japanese and continental breakfast with bacon, order able egg products, sweets and a cook cooking fresh french toast...
  The location was perfect as the hotel offers free bus rides to Shinjuku station which is actually in walking distance, from Shinjuku station operates most of the "large" train lines and it is easy to get to Shibuya or Harajuku from there :3

XX I highly doubt that my entries will make any sense from now on cause I'm so hyped by Tokyo and Japanese people - I apologize in advance XX


 You can image that I only highlighted the " Arcade " part and run towards this, Hilton had a mall in its' downstairs :P
 When I saw these - things - I tought loud, Japanese people are geniuses !  You put your wet umbrella inside and with one movement it covers it with a plastic bag so it wont keep dropping water inside the shops or stations :D How Marvelous!
 It was a bit rainy when we came to the city but it didn't keep us from not strolling around the streets of Shinjuku <3 Oh Shinjuku how you ate my heart you monster <3
 We came back in the evening, and still the view was breath taking.
Below our evening snack :3 I came to a conclusion that Japanese people dont eat much of salty snacks as the streets are covered with sweet and cute presents! ^________^
 When I woke up and see the sky being this clear I shouted something so like
 And a random mug shot.
 またあとで会いましょう! See you later :3


Came this week back from Tokyo. It was an amazing ... journey.  ( And I still fell dizzy jet lag.. )
  Usually I hear "hippies" saying this and it annoys me, but now I know what it means:

" I'm searching for myself" " It changes a person when facing a new culture"

This weekend is Desucon time, but as I didn't get that real-stuff for covering my tattoos, for the juliet and flareon cosplay I'll just dress-up to some "more normal" for the convention >____> ... but atleast im dressing up and I really enjoy it!
  (though I'll be there on Saturday evening cause I have earlier cheer practice which I can't miss)

Okay I'm a looser for not cosplaying this weekend - but I'm attending a competition in August and the costume is already in progress ... and it looks like this:

I do wonder: A sword or a spear??


Before I start to posting ab my trip to Tokyo - I have to tell you ab my cheer competition
For us it's a big deal cause usually we come in the nationals 10th or 11th so now 3 out of 8 is really good for us !!! :3 I feel so proud of us!! 

Here's our team's Ribbons and
 Our competition makeup - I LIKE IT BIG AND BRIGHT!!!
The whole eye lid is in red and gold glitter <3
 And a picture of packing for competition day - note the most important thing: SPRAY GLITTER<3

A random picture of my yummiesssssss ~!!!

And of current projects, the left one is a not even glued and the right one is halfway done :3