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Breakpoint 2010 - The party like there is no tomorrow

Happenings and reviews

Breakpoint is a demoparty which was held every Easter in Bingen am Rhein, Germany since 2003 - this year was the last one.

Video by polish sceners: ( which potrates perfectly atleast my view of the party ;))

Besides of boozing and meeting foreign friends - theres compos

Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight & CNCD

This demo was one of the most memorable cause of its distinguishable .. everything.
The graphics are like straight from a fairytale book's pages - pointillism looks actually stunning in a demo! Graphics combined to the effects were fresh and suprising! Music flowed nicely with the image - in totality I guess it was slightly disruptive, which interests your brains, and making you like it!

Breakpoint 2010 - Travelling
1st of April
One night in Hostel Frankfurt - nice place<3
Don't go to Frankfurt unless it compulsory. Theres cheap food but no fun clubs or bars, unless you are into "Girl bars and xxx show rooms" and theres lots of "techno-scene clubs"..
Met a girl called Adelene, from U.S who was going around Europe and Luisi a veterinarian from Brazil, who didn't speak english but german.

2st - 5th of April Breakpoint
Met tons of nice people, and was more super than last year!
Polish guys are really fun to be with! Finnish people were of course drunk as hell :D
Lot's of dancing learning cursing words in polish and kuscheling!
Laughing and bathing in a hotel room.
Eating a ridiculous amount of food.
Eh, it kinda really felt like end of teh world.. Especially when it was time for farewells, just thinking never-ever probably seeing those guys again.
Guess there will be another major demoparty which will gather sceners around the world!

(more emotional and detailed content aren't part of babynekoism, mail me if interested)

Decided going to Riverwash! ..Which is held in Warsav, Poland.

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