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The difference of want and need is self control

I didn't upload any pictures cause in my opinion my stretching has suffered a setback and it made me so angry that ....PMS RAGE RAGE WHINE WHINE ANGER ANGER

This week I attended a tumbling camp - it was fun and fast! I notices that a front tuck is more my thing than a back tuck.
Also I found out that we have to give out some personal goals which are meant to be achieved in a month.
I feel so disappointed right now. crybabycrybaby.

Lost 2,4kg since nationals, not feeling THAT fat anymore but still..

Bought Red dead redemption - undead nightmare for PS3. I love zombies, so I love this game! Though it's very simple, so it's a very beginner friendly.
Vanquish for xbox is pure looooooooooooove <3 Maybe too fast for me but simple controls.

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