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Thailand in pictures

Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Bangkok 31.1- 11.2 with my work colleagues and bosses
♡ Cyber Shop Family trips  ♡
 We stayed at White house spa and resort - and these were our welcome drinks - fresh coconut so lovely! ♡ Rooms, and building. At the first night we had dinner at the beach in candle light! So romantic!

@ ARK BAR - 2nd night we headed to Chaweng beach for dinner and party.... At some point we ended up to the sea water only wearing undies *dont ask* (posing with my boss's friend and my Turku work mate Ida - we are really like a big family, no matter how far you work from each others♡)

 Trip to Phangan: Originally we were going to attend Jungle Experience but all the ferries were over booked (200 person boats were booked for 500......)

Cyber solution: We took a private speed boat :D !!! Leaving 500 party goers to the beach
 I met Joona (Eitsi) at the island - He is going around Asia for a year. Stayed and cruised with him around the island for a couple of days. Sounds cheesy but I learned a lot within those days spent dreaming in hammocks with him! Below our bungalow where we stayed (the hammocks were at the terrace :3) and we had tiny geckos in our bathrooms, we let them stay as they eat all the nasty bugs that come from the near jungle.

 Below some open bars and restaurants Thailand is full of - I really love them and their atmosphere !!

Partying - ( boozing sucks, made me fat :/ stupid me) Tons of reggae pubs all over the islands!
Loved Arkbar, Solo and Sound club at Samui

 ^^ Maria, store manager at Turku ^ my sticker legs, keeps you on track how many you've drank!

 Stray animals - there was tons of pictures of them. In Thailand they are held very well and taken care off. It was even okay to sit with a dog in restaurant - I shared some breakfast with them. And tried Jenna Marble's 'Wheeeee' on them :D - works, it's international

Culture and Jungle day - I thin the best part of the whole trip which was spent seeing temples, animals, jungle was the ride. We were allowed to sit on the pickup's roof not in the back :D After that no, amusement park will do anything :D

 a mummy with raybans, they told us that they change the shades depending on what is trendy - COOL
 I loved the elephants! We bought a whole bunch of bananas to feed them -  they are soooo amazing!
One day shopping at Bangkok. Loved MBK and Khaosan road - sadly missed a ping pong show.
I'm so grateful to my bosses giving me this opportunity! My some workmates actually went straight with me after I came back to Finland that honestly they've never seen me as tired as I was before the trip. Now I'm fully charged of CyberLOVE and SUN!

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