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☐ Single.☐ Taken. ☑ I LOVE cheerleading.

 ^   Every day counts before the Nationals.
I've been stretching every day, cause my scorpion sucks and I want a even better heel-stretch!!
We have some new stunt groups and they added Lumi ( our newest mid-season add team mate) to the competing team!!! And she is in my group!!! She is awesome!! Actually in my new stunt group I feel that the back ktuck basket toss is soooooooooo high!!!
Also some new challenges have come along: toe touch basket tosses!!!
We have a new coach too! Eeva! She is very exact, everything ankles, chins, half second out of timing - She will notice them allll!!! She is so cool!!!
Inspired by Skinny bitch, Jenna Marbles and  some of my friends (thank you!!! ♡) I decided to go Vegan !
I used to be a lacto-ovo-vegetarian in high school and this Fall - And decided to fully do this!!
Everything I'll put down my throat will be cruelty and animal free BUT I'm still hesitating about my the UGG:s I want them but then in the other hand it's a sheep skin turned inside out....
though atleast sheep meat is eaten and used unlike mink and alikes... ( duh, sounds like I'm trying them to sound like OK boots)...
But anyway after quitting eating animals (yeah, I cant still stop thinking about what others are eating... *Dude that's and egg............... oh thats some ones ass with hormones and chemicals we add to soap')
I feel myself more energized, lost some weight, I don't have any mood swings anymore, my skin and hair looks better!!! So there you go, eating healthy has instant results!! V(○⌒∇⌒○)☆

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