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The girl with the dragon tattoo

 The Best movie of the Year
 After Christmas we were bored and went spontaneously watch a movie with Onii.
  We watched this movie I didnt have any expectations, I knew it was a Swedish book trilogy.
It blew my mind!!
The title into was like a demo made by Fairlight (or any other demogroup wou find talented ;P)
Soundtracks are important and this had a sick one. It made me sink totally to the movie! 
Rooney Mara is a new actor to me - but she is amazing, talented, suited the role and so HOT!

The plot with its' themes are very close to my heart so I decided to give Larsson's work a chance and bought the trilogy.  Lately I have done nothing but munchin books! I was instantly a fan, even made Rooney as Lisbeth my calendar cover! She is strong, stubborn, angry in a lovely way not a talkative type - love it.
Usually I draw my calendar covers, they are colourful and filled with j-pop and anime themes, but this picture of Rooney just gives a habanero chill to things I need to keep in my mind - literally. Body and mind of Lisbet Salander ♡

Tomorrow I'll dress up nicely and watch the Swedish ones! 
Here's the US version trailer: 

Raw yummy-bars from Punnitse ja säästä - the cashew cookie was actually super GOOOD!!!

 Yesterday We went with Onii to celebrate their games good sales, to Maya :3

 This week has been super inspiring, movies, stretching with my team's other flyer, and these Game graphic and mecha design books!!

Ignore my DERP faces, but nowadays I feel my bow and arrow is quite easy to do, its not over-challenging or scary. My scorpio is not a straight leg yet but at least I can grab it with my left hand and manage to keep my balance to do something else with the right one :P 

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